WPM CASI Election Statements

Kerman Eckes, Technical Lead/Editor, PBS Wisconsin

My name is Kerman Eckes, and I am a long-time employee of PBS Wisconsin and a current member of the WPM CASI.  I currently serve on the CASI/HR Partnership, the Event, and the Accessibility Subcommittees.  

Thinking back to our very first meeting with Gene Purcell in February of 2020--as it would turn out, our only in-person meeting-- it's amazing to see the how far the WPM CASI has come in the past two years.  From the establishment of our structure and bylaws to tackling issues as varied as TTC, partnering with HR on hiring, the establishment of the Editorial/Ethical Guidelines Group, planning employee appreciation events, and so much more, our CASI has worked hard to become a trusted and responsive group that offers an open door for consideration, communication, and collaboration between staff and leadership.  I've appreciated hearing the concerns of staff members and leadership, taking deeper dives into those issues, and working with colleagues across WPM on those matters.  It's been a privilege to be part of these first two years of the WPM CASI and would like very much to be part of what the CASI takes on over its next years of work and growth.  


Dawn Jewell, Outreach Specialist, Wisconsin Public Radio

Hi, I'm Dawn Jewell, and have been on staff with Wisconsin Public Radio since 2016. I currently serve as Outreach Specialist for the Southwest Region in La Crosse, and as Interim Outreach Specialist for the Northern Region in Superior. Additionally, I produce our weekly "Newsmakers" public affairs program in La Crosse, and assist with "Simply Superior," the weekly Superior-based talk show. It would be both a pleasure and privilege to serve on WPM's Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI). I bring 30+ years of experience with noncommercial radio stations in multiple states, was on the staff of a weekly arts and entertainment newspaper in Seattle (The Stranger), and have worked for several nonprofit organizations and foundations. I enjoy collaborating with others to generate creative, resourceful and positive ideas and solutions to move the organization forward, with the benefit of all in mind. Thank you for your consideration and support!

Joy Ratchkramer, Outreach Specialist, Wisconsin Public Radio

I’m Joy Ratchkramer, an Outreach Specialist based in Wausau. I’m nominating myself for the CASI to represent staff members who are part-time, entry-level or otherwise underrepresented at the decision-making table. We have lots of ideas, and I want to make sure our voices are heard. 

At work, I produce the central region’s “Route 51” weekly talk show, and I am passionate about recognizing and honoring the diversity that can be found in all regions of Wisconsin, as well as representing WPR to people in my region. At home, I have a three-year-old, three cats, a garden full of herbs and hands that are always working on some kind of craft project, when I’m not spending time outdoors. 

Thanks for considering me.

Heather A. Reese, Creative Manager, PBS Wisconsin

Currently, I’m serving my second year on CASI and running again with the hope for re-election for many reasons. Working on a granular level with all PBS Wisconsin departments, as well as our colleagues at WPR and ECB, I feel the importance of CASI is crucial to our culture and community here at WPM. I serve on two CASI sub-committees that are just beginning to make impactful changes in the organization. The communications sub-committee is working towards bridging the gaps with staff communication, the Directors’ office, and leadership. Our work has only begun on staff inclusion and transparency. The HR sub-committee focuses on how CASI can support HR and the search and screen process to capture more diverse pools and inform an efficient process for TTC and more. As a hiring manager, I have a unique perspective and very passionate about helping and finding solutions for this cause. Furthermore, I’ve had the pleasure of filling the CASI Secretary role for the past two years.

My goal for serving on CASI is to continue to serve my colleagues, make positive changes and be an objective and inclusive voice on this group, offering ideas and suggestions for an improved workplace for all. I look forward to the opportunity to serve again, Thank you for your consideration.

Mark Riechers, Online Content Editor, Wisconsin Public Radio

Hi all, Mark Riechers here. I’m the digital content editor for “To The Best Of Our Knowledge,” one of the national programs at Wisconsin Public Radio. One of my main interests is in strengthening and deepening collaboration across our organization, because I think it allows us to do bigger things and take on greater challenges. I’ve worked toward that in various cross-department teams in the past — social media management, podcast technology, the Change Team, the Ethics Guidelines Group, and most recently the Digital Optimization group for WPR. As a CASI representative, I would advocate for a greater institutional focus on accessibility for our content, our organizational structure and for our facilities — I believe there are both short and long term goals that we need to set for ourselves, including adopting more consistent transcription availability across the organization and setting new, more inclusive norms for how we work together in a virtual/in-person hybrid environment. I would also place an emphasis on institutional clarity, communication and transparency, so that each WPM staffer understands why and how decisions around hiring, budgeting, and policy making will affect them. I have a reputation for bridge building and listening to people who know a subject best, and I would bring that spirit to my work as a CASI representative. I hope you’ll consider me for the role.

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