Internet Explorer 7+ (Win) - Restoring the Default Settings

This document explains how to set Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 back to their default settings.

There are two methods of doing this, all at once and step-by-step.

  • The all at once method resets all settings, and removes all of your settings (meaning all browser extensions such as toolbars are disabled, all original modifications are reset, and the browser cache is cleared).
  • The step-by-step method preserves more of your settings, but isn't as thorough. It is recommended to follow the all at once method unless you have a particular reason to follow the step-by-step method.

Note: Both methods do NOT remove your bookmarks.

Resetting All Settings

  1. Click on the Tools menu, then Internet Options.


  2. Go to the Advanced tab and click on the Reset button.


  3. Click on Reset.


  4. Wait for the orange arrow to go through all of the steps.


  5. Once all the steps are checked, click Close.


  6. You will be prompted to restart Internet Explorer. Click OK.


  7. Close Internet Explorer and reopen it. Internet Explorer should have all of its settings reset to the defaults.

Resetting Settings Step-by-Step

  1. Click on the Tools menu, then Internet Options.


  2. Click on the Security tab and click on the Reset all zones to default level button.


  3. Click on the Privacy tab and click on the Default button if available.


  4. Click on the Advanced tab and click on the Restore advanced settings button.


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