WiscWeb - Google Sheets Table Setup and Troubleshooting

This document will address the specific issue of Google Sheet tables not rendering in wpDataTables.

Steps for Linking a Google Sheet to wpDataTables

There are specific steps that must be followed in order to be able to share a Google Sheet to wpDataTables. If these steps are not followed, your table will not render correctly.

Step 1: Publishing the Google Sheet to the Web

  1. In your Google Sheet, choose File > Share > Publish to the Web

    Publish to Web Link

  2. Choose the desired settings (Entire Document or just specific tabs)

    Publish to Web Window

  3. Click Publish

Step 2: Copy the Sheet URL and Paste into wpDataTables

You must copy the URL in the browser, not the URL listed in the "Publish to the Web" section.

  1. In your browser address bar, copy the URL of the Google Sheet

    Copy link from address bar

  2. Make sure that you have a new wpDataTable set up and have chosen to "Create Table from Existing Data Source" and click Next

    Create table from existing data source button

  3. The Data Source type should be "Google Spreadsheet."

    Google Spreadsheet link in dropdown

  4. Paste the URL into the "Input file path or URL" field and click Apply

    Input file path or URL field


  • It is important to note that Google Sheets that are located in a Team Folder cannot be shared to wpDataTables. Move your document elsewhere in order to link it. 

  • A common issue is that users are trying to copy/paste the shareable URL rather than the URL that appears in the address bar. This will not connect the table and you won't be able to pull in the content. 

  • Several users have reported issues whereby tables with a lot of customizations or functions in Google Sheets can be glitchy or not display at all. It is recommended that you simplify your tables as much as possible so that wpDataTables can render them. Or, try inline styling a table, instead. wpDataTables typically cannot process Google Sheets that contain the following:

    • merged cells
    • queries/formulas
    • frozen rows
    • colors (background colors in cells and text colors)

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