Mapping a Lab Drive to the Russell Labs Hub Fileserver - Windows

This document describes how to connect to the Russell Labs hub fileserver.


Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Forest & Wildlife faculty, students, and staff; Hub staff

Mapping a Lab Drive in the Russell Labs Domain

Are you OFF-campus 


Using a Wireless Connection? 

Do these steps first: 

A. Connect to the Internet. 

B. Launch the GlobalProtect VPN software,* then follow the rest of these instructions. 

* for instructions on getting and installing WiscVPN software, visit this webpage:

First Steps

Windows 7 Instructions

Right-click Computer located in the Start menu. Click Map Network Drive.


Windows 10 Instructions

Open File Explorer:

Win 10 File Explorer - Map Drive

1) Scroll down the left pane and locate This PC.  Click it. 

2) At the top of the screen, there are three tabs - File, Computer, and View.  Click the Computer tab.

3) A horizontal menu with icons appears below the tabs.  Locate the icon Map network drive and click it. 

The Map Network Drive screen appears.

Rest of Instructions - Applies to All Versions of Windows

Follow these steps to complete the Map Network Drive options:

Windows Drive Map Screen
1) Drive: Click the down-pointing arrow and choose an available drive letter from the drop-down menu. 

2) Folder: 

Copy and paste this into the box:


3) Reconnect at sign-in:  click to add a checkmark in the box.

4) Connect using different credentials: 

Is your computer on the Russell domain?  

If Yes:

- Leave the box unchecked.

If No:

- Click to add a checkmark in the box.

5) Click Finish.

The Map Network Drive popup closes, and a login screen appears labeled Enter network credentials.

 Enter Network Credentials Screen
 If you clicked "Connect using different credentials" in step 4 above:

1) User name: enter:


...where <username> is your Russell username.

2) Password box: enter your password.

If you did NOT click Connect using different credentials:"

1) User name: enter your Russell username.

2) Password: enter your password.

3) Reconnect at sign-in:  click to add a checkmark in the box.

4) Click OK.

Occasionally this asks for your credentials again, click OK.

If the connection was successful, Windows Explorer will open the mapped network drive:

Successful Labstorage Mapped Drive

Open the folder for your department, then the labs folder, and then the folder for your lab.


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