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This document covers accessing DoIT's BeyondTrust Remote Support page and use of the program. This service is offered as an invite only service. Once you have worked with the Help Desk, if it is determined that you can benefit from a remote session, the Help Desk will invite you to join this session. Using this service is described below.

Accessing the Remote Support Page

  1. Access to remote help can be found by visiting the BeyondTrust - Remote Desktop Support Agreement.
  2. Please read through this page and if you are in agreement with the terms of use, click the I agree with the above terms and conditions link

You will now find yourself at the Support Portal page.

  • Representatives; This is a list of available Help Desk Agents. Click on the name of the Help Desk agent that invited you to use this service

Installing the Software

Click on the Agents name that invited you to this session, a dialog box will appear:

  • In Firefox, the box will ask you to Save File or Cancel. Click Save File and then open the downloaded file
  • In Internet Explorer, the box will ask to Run, Save or Cancel. Click the Run button to install the software
  • In Safari, a disk image will download and display on the desktop. Open this image file (it may open by itself) and double click the icon in the image

Remote Support

Once the agent chooses to remote control your computer, you will be greeted by another message. This time it will prompt you to either:

  • Allow shared control of your computer
  • Allow only viewing
  • Refuse request

The first option will allow the Help Desk agent to remotely access your computer. The second option allows you to perform tasks on the computer and the Help Desk agent can only watch what you do. This is useful if you are getting an error message that the Help Desk is unable to replicate or if you have access to systems that they do not. Finally, the last option refuses the request, closes the software, and uninstalls it.

If at any time you want to cancel the remote session, click the large red X button in the Bomgar window. This will terminate the remote session, close the program, and uninstall it.

If you choose to proceed, the window will display a green computer icon next to the icon of a person on the right side. The Help Desk agent will then initiate a chat session and a window will appear on your computer that you will be able to chat back with.

When the remote session is over, you can click the large red X button in the Bomgar window to close the program and uninstall it. Please note that this will also remove the downloaded installation file as well.

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