Kaltura - MP4 Direct Link (UW-Madison)

This tutorial shows Kaltura video owners how to generate a direct link to MP4 video files for their uploaded media. This link or URL allows you to use your videos within other contexts like inside of an H5P interactive video or you can decide to use a completely different player like JW Player.

WARNING: This tutorial is for users with some technical ability and familiarity with editing HTML.

  1. The URL for the direct MP4 link has the following structure: "https://www.kaltura.com/p/1660902/sp/0/playManifest/entryId/{entryId}/format/url/flavorParamId/{flavorParamId}/video.mp4". Paste this URL (without quotes) in to your favorite plain-text editor. NotePad on Windows or TextEdit on OSX are examples of plain text editors. You will edit the link inside the text editor.

    NOTE: Please take notice that certain words appear twice, "entryID" and "flavorParamID". We will be replacing the ones wrapped in curly braces "{}" and leaving the ones not wrapped in curly braces.

  2. In this step we will be modifying the {flavorParamId}. The flavorParamID designates the quality or flavor of the video. Decide which flavor you would like to use by copying the corresponding ID from the following table:

    ID Bitrate Dimensions Description
    0 Unknown [auto] x [auto] This is the original media file that you uploaded to Kaltura.
    487051 664 640 x [auto] Standard Definition
    487081 2628 [auto] x 720 720p
    487091 4128 [auto] x 1080 1080p

    After copying the ID that works for you, paste it into the URL you previously pasted into your plain text editor. You should replace the text {flavorParamId} with the number you copied. Your URL should now look something like this: "https://www.kaltura.com/p/1660902/sp/0/playManifest/entryId/{entryId}/format/url/flavorParamId/487081/video.mp4"

  3. Now we need to get the entry_id for the video to which you are linking. The entry_id is a unique identifier for every video in Kaltura. You can get your entry_id by going to UW-Madison MediaSpace and navigating to your "My Media". Once in "My Media" click on the title of the media to which you want to link. This takes you to the media page. The URL for a media page has this structure: "https://mediaspace.wisc.edu/media/[Title of Media]/[entry_id]". Here is an example: https://mediaspace.wisc.edu/media/Canvas+-+Faculty+Center+Grade+Prep+Tool+%28UW-Madison%29/0_rl4tg8ta. Copy the entry_id for your media.
  4. Paste the entry_id into the URL you modified in step two. You should replace the text {entryId} with your entry_id. Your URL should now look something like this: "https://www.kaltura.com/p/1660902/sp/0/playManifest/entryId/0_rl4tg8ta/format/url/flavorParamId/487081/video.mp4".
  5. Paste your newly formed URL into your favorite browser. Your video should begin playing. If it doesn't re-check the steps in this tutorial and make sure you copied everything correctly.

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