KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Changing a Document's Status to "Deleted"

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You must have full administrative permissions in your space to perform these steps. This means access to the Documents, Settings, and Users tabs.

Sometimes you may want to delete a document that is no longer necessary or that was created in error. Before moving forward, please consider the document retention policies of your KB Group and that of your institution.

    What Happens When I Delete a Document?

    When you "Delete" a document, the original status (e.g. In Progress, Inactive, etc.) of that document is changed to "Deleted" and the document is moved to the Trash.

    The image below shows the document ,"How to View a Solar Eclipse", is in the Trash queue with the status of Deleted.

    Image showing that the "Trash" link is highlighed in the site navigation, and the status column shows "Deleted"

    Deleting a Document

    1. Open the KB Admin Tools and locate your document.
    2. If needed, update the document Status to one of of these statuses:

      • In Review
      • In Progress
      • Inactive

      Note: The "Delete" button is not available on a document with the singular status of Active. The document must be Inactive or set to a draft status.

      The image below demonstrates that Document 60818, when viewed while in the status of Active has no Delete button on which to click. However, when the exact same document is changed to the status of In Review, the Delete button appears.

      Image showing the missing "Delete" button on an Active doc, and the "Delete" button displaying when the doc is set to "In Review".
    3. While viewing the document, click the Delete button above the document (on the far right of the row of buttons).

      Image showing the Delete button at the end of the row of action buttons above the doc in Review mode.

    4. Click OK in the popup box to confirm that this document should be deleted.

      Image of a pop up alerting that you are deleting the document and asking you to click "OK" to confirm.

    If previously Active, the deleted document will no longer be visible in the KB live site. It will only be available in the KB Admin Tools in the Trash queue. If the document needs to be restored at a later time, only someone with Publish rights will be able to do so. See KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Restoring a deleted document for more information about restoring deleted KB documents.

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