AANTS - How Do I Become an AANTS (Authorized Agent Network Tool Suite) Admin

Describes the procedure for enrolling in AANTS Training and getting a NIC Handle added to the WiscNIC database. This is required in order to access the WiscNIC search and update scripts.


AANTS is the Authorized Agent Network Tool Suite used to configure networking equipment. Authorized Agents are required to attend training before accessing the AANTS tools.

Authorized Agents are granted permission using their WiscNIC NIC Handle which is authenticated with their UW NetID, and having that NIC Handle placed as an Admin or Tech Contact by an Admin Contact or DoIT Network Services Staff member on VLAN and Subnet records associated with the equipment they are allowed to manage.

Having a WiscNIC NIC Handle is a requirement to use the WiscNIC Search and WiscNIC Update scripts, as well as AANTS EdgeConf. Due to the high turnover inherent in our environment, WiscNIC NIC Handles need to be validated once a year to remain active, an email will be sent requesting you to log in and update your profile information using WiscNIC Update, Please submit the form to update the last-modified time, even if the information is still correct.

Authorized Agents will receive a reminder email once a year with a link to WiscNICUpdate, and three additional monthly reminders, before having access disabled. For right now, you just need to know how to register for class (which gets you added to WiscNIC as a side effect), or how to request being added to WiscNIC, which gets you a NIC Handle and WiscNIC access, but not AANTS access.

To Register For AANTS Training:

AANTS training is now available in Canvas where you can self-register in the course.

To Get Yourself Added to the WiscNIC DataBase:

Once you have completed the AANTS Training, be sure to fill out the course survey, as this will send a notification to WiscIT and an operator will create your WiscNIC NIC Handle so that an Admin Contact can grant you permission to the appropriate WiscNIC VLAN or Subnet records.  Be sure to fill out all the information because it is required for creating your NIC Handle.  If you do not complete the survey, no notification will be sent regarding your course completion.  

Your name as you want it to appear in AANTS, usually the same as the campus directory
this must be correct in order to use campus single sign in
Your preferred email address
preferred work phone number
Your auto-generated WiscNIC NIC Handle account ID for AANTS
date AANTS Training completed YYYY-MM-DD
date Firewall Training completed YYYY-MM-DD

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