KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Editing an existing doc

This document explains how to edit a live document.

  1. Search for the document as described in KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Searching for Documents.

  2. If the document is currently Active: you will need to set the doc to 'In Progress' to make changes:

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the document. In the Review Options/Comment section, select Leave doc up and set to 'In Progress'.

    2. In the Comments field enter a brief statement as to what updates or changes you plan to make. Some groups may not require comments before updating the document, but it is recommended to do so regardless.

    3. Click the Submit button

    4. You will then be prompted to either edit the document or preview the document. To make changes, click Edit document.

  3. If the document is already 'In Progress': you can skip directly to editing the KB document, after you have found it in step 1, by clicking edit.

  4. You should now see the document opened for editing. If the fields are grayed out, you do not have permissions to edit this document. You will need to contact the document owner who manages the document.

    Note: If you are not the document owner, we generally recommend against editing a document you do not own without permission. If you see a document that needs editing but you are not the owner, we encourage you to leave feedback or contact the owner to either offer your suggestion or to get permission to edit the document.

  5. You can now make whatever changes that are needed. For additional information about HTML guidelines and various editing tools, see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - How to Create and Publish a Document.

  6. If you would like to describe the type of changes you are making, you can enter that information in the Change Summary field and it will the be displayed in the history of all comments posted to that document. The Change Summary field is in the Additional Fields expandable section at the bottom of the Document Editor screen. Click the plus (+) sign to expand the section and enter the desired text.

  7. Click the Save change button as changes are made.

  8. Once all of desired changes and updates are completed, set the proper status for the document. Depending on your group's review process, you may need to activate the document yourself by setting it to Active. If your group has a review process, contact the group KnowledgeBase admin or primary reviewer to have them review your document and activate it. The procedure may vary from group to group so contact your admin regarding the specifics of your group's review process.

Note: If you need to take the document down but do not have the privileges to do so, note in the Review Comments field that you would like to have this document taken down or deactivated and set the document status to In Review. Again, this may vary from group to group, so you may have to contact your KB admin to check what the review process is for your group.

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