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This document will walk you through the steps to embed a PDF file into your KB document by using the object tag.

If you have not uploaded your PDF yet, first upload it to the document attachment folder, as described here: KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Uploading Images and Other Attachments.

Step One: Get the Source Value for your PDF

You can find the file path for the PDF, which will be used as the "data" value, in the attachment folder. The file path will typically be formatted like images/groupxx/XXXXXX/filename.pdf

The example of the embedded PDF file below uses the file path /images/group41/49980/DeptDerm_Sample.pdf

Document attachment folder highlighting one attachment's file path

Step Two: Add <object> Tags for Your PDF

The main reason to use <object> tags when embedding PDFs is because they allow content to be displayed should the PDF not render on the page. This means you can add easily include a line directing the user to download the PDF via a link, which provides a helpful alternative.

As shown below, it is also good practice to include type="application/pdf" in your tag.

<object width="300" height="150" data="/images/group41/49980/Dept_Dermatology.pdf" type="application/pdf">
Please download the PDF here: <a href="/images/group41/49980/Dept_Dermatology.pdf">Flowchart</a></object>


The embedded PDF example below is using this embed code:

Please download the PDF here: Flowchart


A reliable and easy alternative to embedding a PDF is to simply place a link to the PDF in your document. For users with the proper plug-ins, the PDF file will often open in its own window. For other users, they will be prompted to download the PDF and view it with the PDF reader of their choice.

To do this, find the place on your document where you want the PDF link to appear and click on the Place file link in the appropriate attachment folder.

Document attachment table highlighting the option to place an attachment link into the document


Please click on the link below to view or download the PDF:


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