AANTS - How To Get Permission To Configure A New Device. How To Add Yourself To A VLAN or Subnet as a Tech.

This document describes the process for becoming a technical contact for a VLAN or subnet. This is an important step in becoming authorized to administer or configure devices using the AANTS EdgeConf tool.

Step 1) Make sure you are in the WiscNIC database. Use the WiscnicUpdate form to either add or update your contact information in the WiscNIC database.

  • From the main page of the form select "Add or Modify WiscNIC Contact Info".
  • If you are not in the WiscNIC database, add your contact info. This is an internal document, so put as much info as possible to allow us to contact you with issues related to your network responsibilites.
  • If you are in the database already, double-check your info for accuracy.
  • Click the "Submit" button.

    Step 2) Contact the administrative contact for the VLAN or subnet to which you wish to be added.

  • Use the WiscNIC query page to locate the administrative contact. Directions for doing this are available in this KnowledgeBase under the title "How Do I Find The Technical and/or Administrative Contacts For My VLAN?".
  • If an administrative contact exists, email that person and request that they add you to the subnet or VLAN in question. They can do this using the WiscNIC update tool.

    Step 3) If no Administrative contact exists for the subnet or VLAN in question, open a WiscIT Ticket to the attention of the "Operational Engineering Team" requesting that you be added as a technical contact. Specify the date of your AANTS training and the VLANs and subnets you need to administer.

    Specify VLANs using VLAN number (e.g. VLAN 343) and subnets using slash notation (e.g. "").

    Questions on this procedure can be directed to the AANTS administrators at aants-admin-support@g-groups.wisc.edu.

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