AANTS - How Do I Find The Technical and/or Administrative Contacts For My VLAN?

Describes the procedure for determining technical and administrative contacts for a VLAN using the WiscNIC query page.

Historically, technical contacts and administrative contacts for VLANs were listed on the VLAN's subnet records in the WiscNIC database. VLANs are tied to subnets in the database using "route" records. Where no such route record exists (e.g. in the case of VLANs not routed on campus XXI gear), we put contacts on the VLAN record directly.

Recently we've begun trying to put contacts on both the subnet records and the VLAN records to make it easier to find this information. We have no timetable for when/if this will be completely implemented.

You can find the subnet for a given VLAN as follows:

1) Use the Wiscnic query form:

2) Under "Common Searches" select:
Subnet Info -> From VLAN Number

3) Enter the VLAN Number (e.g. "404") in the "Search Text" box.

This will give you the subnet(s) in question.

If you look at the more specific subnets for the VLAN (e.g. ""), you can see who the administrative ('admin-c') and technical ('tech-c') contacts are.

range: -
netname:	LTG-LAN
descr:		Library Technology Group (LTG) at State Historical Society
alloc_type:	ASSIGNMENT
admin-c:	PB2
tech-c:		AC1-WISC
tech-c:		PB2
changed_by:	foo@wisc.edu
changed_date:	2009-06-10 11:33:12
In this case PB2 is listed as an administrative contact, and both PB2 and AC1-WISC are listed as technical contacts.

You can click on the NIC handles to get the names and contact information for each of the contacts.

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