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Personnel who should be listed on a biosafety protocol include but are not limited to: those directly handling materials listed on the protocol (performing experiments, disinfecting/inactivating, etc.) and those responsible for supervising individuals working with materials listed on the protocol.

Read/Write Personnel

Read/Write Personnel can edit the protocol and perform the same functions as the PI. The only thing read/write personnel cannot do is complete the assurance page, sign the protocol, or initially submit the protocol. Subsequent submissions after response to revision requests can be made by Read/Write personnel. Read/Write Personnel will also receive email notifications from arrow when action is needed. You are not required to designate anyone as read/write personnel. There is no limit on how many individuals can be designated as read/write personnel.

Additionally, Read/Write personnel can create and submit Grant/Personnel amendments after initial protocol approval.

Read Personnel

Read personnel can view the protocol but do not have any editing capability.

Add Personnel Pop-Up


Individuals who have not completed required biosafety trainings through Learn@UW Canvas may not be listed in the personnel drop down menu.

The Biosafety Required Training course is required for all personnel listed on the biosafety protocol. This training must be renewed every 5 years

Biosafety 102: Bloodborne Pathogens for Laboratory and Research is required for all personnel listed in the bloodborne pathogen section of the protocol. This training expires after 1 year. 

DURC training is required for certain protocols. This training expires after 3 years. <IBC-POL-010>

Individuals who have not completed the trainings should initially be listed in the “Other personnel” section on the main personnel page.

Individuals who do not have NetIDs should be listed in the “Other personnel” section on the main personnel page.


There is no longer an option to list someone as a CO-PI. Only one person, the PI, can be ultimately responsible for overseeing the work on a protocol.

Additional Point of Contact (Additional POC)

The PI is automatically the Primary Point of Contact (POC) for the Office of Biological Safety communications.  You can designate 1-2 individuals in your lab as additional POC to also receive these communications.

  • Only individuals listed on the Personnel page can be designated as Additional POC
  • Additional POC is typically a lab manager or lab member in charge of tracking training or safety for the lab
  • POC will receive additional communications from OBS along with the PI, including some training reminders for other lab staff.
  • Designating additional POC is optional

To designate personnel as Additional POC, Click "Add" to view a list of your lab's members and select 1-2 members as Additional Points of Contact.  If you designate more than two people, you will receive an error message to limit the selection to two people.

Additional POC can be changed by initiating a Grant/Personnel amendment.

Still have questions? Call the Office of Biological Safety (OBS) at 608-263-2037. We are happy to help.

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