ECMS - PaperStream IP replacing Kofax VRS in Fujitsu Scanners

This document provides information about PaperStream IP replacing Kofax VRS in Fujitsu Scanners for Perceptive Content/ImageNow users.

ImageNow: PaperStream IP replacing Kofax VRS in Fujitsu Scanners

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With the release of the Fujitsu FI-7160 scanner, Kofax VRS will no longer be shipped with new Fujitsu scanners. Instead, the scanners will be shipped with a new image processing software package developed by Fujitsu called PaperStream IP. The use of PaperStream IP is supported with the CaptureNow TWAIN license, with ISIS support added in ImageNow Client 6.7 build 3564 and higher.

Will the new Fujitsu scanners be certified to use Kofax VRS?

Yes. The partnership with Kofax is still in place, and support will be continued on Fujitsu devices.

What is PaperStream IP?

PaperStream IP is image processing software that allows advanced document cleanup, similar to Kofax VRS. It is developed by Fujitsu and only works with Fujitsu scanners.

What is the current ImageNow support for scanning with PaperStream IP?

PaperStream IP is supported with the CaptureNow TWAIN license in ImageNow 6.6, 6.7, and 6.8.

The Rescan function in the ImageNow Document Viewer is only available in ImageNow Client 6.7 build 3564 and higher. These later builds support both the TWAIN driver and the ISIS driver required for this function to work with PaperStream IP. In older versions of ImageNow Client, Rescan is not available since the ISIS driver is not supported.

What CaptureNow license is needed to use PaperStream IP?

A CaptureNow TWAIN license is required to be able to use PaperStream IP.

What Fujitsu scanners are compatible with the first release of PaperStream IP?

Current Models

  • 6130z*
  • 6140z*
  • 6230z*
  • 6240z*
  • 6110
  • 5530C2*
  • 6670
  • 6670a*
  • 6770A*
  • 6750S
  • 5950
  • 6800
  • 6130z*
  • 6140z*
  • 6230z*
  • 6240z*

New Models

  • 7160
  • 7180
  • 7260
  • 7280

Note: * indicates that although the scanner is compatible with Paperstream IP, it is recommended that CaptureNow Adrenaline and Kofax VRS 5.x (OEM) from Fujitsu be utilized.

What are the benefits of PaperStream IP?

  • Powerful image clean up, providing the best images possible.
  • Scanning without configuration.
  • Assisted scanning for difficult documents.
  • Visual image adjustments that do not require specialized knowledge.
  • The full use of multi-core CPUs; no need for hardware accelerators.
  • Deployment via Scanner Central Admin for quick updates.
  • Included for free in-box without any additional charge for upgrades.

Can the PaperStream IP popup window that appears during scanning be disabled?

Yes. When setting up a TWAIN scanning profile, clear the Display TWAIN property dialog at scan time check box.

Scanning Profile PSIP
Scanning Profile PSIP

How often will end users have to modify the settings on PaperStream IP?

The presets cover 99 percent of typical documents, and tools are provided to capture the rest. However, documents such as transcripts may need some adjustment when they are scanned using the settings in the Image Processing Preview area.

PaperStream IP Twain
PaperStream IP Twain
PaperStream IP Image Preview
PaperStream IP Image Preview

Does barcode and patch code detection work differently in PaperStream IP?

Yes. In Kofax, both barcode and patch code detection should be enabled since ImageNow uses those settings for its scanning functionality. In PaperStream IP, the detection should be turned off for both barcodes and patch codes, and enabled only within the scanning profile.

Since ImageNow does not read PaperStream IP settings the same way it does for Kofax, barcode and patch code pages will not be available in ImageNow if detection is enabled within PaperStream IP.

PaperStream IP Batch Settings
PaperStream IP Batch Settings

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