SFS - Peoplesoft Windows Client Installation Steps

The SFS Windows client is only used by DoIT developers, UWSA SFS support staff, and UW System wide nVision power users who create and execute nVision reports. You will need an SFS application account that has the UW_SEC_PSPASS_AUTH_ALLOWED role assigned to it. You will also need an account on the sfsclient.ad.doit.wisc.edu server before you can map to that server and install the client. If you do not have access, please contact your local SFS support person to start the approval process.

Firewall Note:

If your campus (contact your network support staff for this change) or your computer has a firewall, then...

  1. Please allow outgoing traffic to sfsclient.ad.doit.wisc.edu (
  2. If you are a NetID campus (UWMSN, UWEXT, UWSA) you will also need to allow outgoing traffic to a separate server related to NetID --

(Optional) - Uninstall your current SFS PeopleSoft Client

  1. To uninstall the SFS client, click on the following program... Start > Program Files > PeopleSoft SFS PT849 Client > Uninstall Workstation . When the "Open File - Security Warning" window pops up, click "Run" to allow this remote program on the sfsclient.ad file server to execute.
  2. Click Yes on this dialog box to start the uninstall.

    This process will remove PeopleSoft registry entries, all cache files, and shortcut links

  3. Then click OK when the uninstall completes. You will notice that the "Peoplesoft SFS PT849 Client" folder is now gone from your Start menu.

    PeopleSoft registry entries, cache files, and shortcut links removed.

  4. Repeat the above steps if you have another SFS Peoplesoft install and want to remove all access to SFS.

Mapping a drive to the SFSCLIENT.AD server.

  1. Instructions for mapping to Windows servers (to *.ad.doit.wisc.edu) can be found here:

    SharedDrive (Win) - Connecting to Windows Servers

Installing the SFS PeopleSoft Client

  1. After you have mapped to the "\\sfsclient.ad.doit.wisc.edu\sfs " drive, click on the ClientInstall folder.

  2. For the PT8.49 client install, double-click on SFS_Clean_Install_Client.bat. Click Run on this dialog box to allow the client configuration to execute from the sfsclient.ad.doit.wisc.edu server.

    Security warning, click run.

  3. After double-clicking the file, a dialog box similar to the following will appear.

    Command Prompt window

  4. After the client install is finished, the following dialog box will appear.

    Workstation installation complete.

  5. The software will be available in Start > Program Files > PeopleSoft SFS PT849 Client.

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