L&S Intermittent Furloughs

This document contains information on the campus-wide Intermittent Furloughs taking place.

All employees have intermittent furlough obligations except the following Employee Classes: SA, ET, CL, SH, Non-FTE appointments (eg: zero dollar, L-Basis), H-1B and E-3 Visa holders, those on Position Specific Furlough or those on Workshare.

Employees will request to use their furlough days with the same process they use when taking vacation leave.

Intermittent Furlough Obligations
Our understanding is these days or hours are prorated based on FTE. 

Total Salary




Can use: 05/15/20-10/31/20

Can use: 08/17/20-12/31/20

Less than $50,000 (Type 1)

3 days or 24 hours

2 days or 16 hours

$50,000 - $80,000 (Type 2)

4 days or 32 hours

3 days or 24 hours

$80,001-$150,000 (Type 3)

5 days or 40 hours

4 days or 32 hours

More than $150,000 (Type 4)

6 days or 48 hours

5 days or 40 hours

Salary range is based on the UW Comp Rate in HRS on Sunday, 05/10/20.

Empl TypeSalary Reduction MethodDeadline for each pay period: Will be provided via email.Reporting usage
Group 1
FA, AS*, LI - Exempt
*Instructional AS
Reduce via salary percentage across furlough period.
6M/2020 -10M/2020

-Can take in increments of 1 hour or more

-Can take consecutive days

-Cannot take when have direct instructional responsibilities. 

tip sheet
Enter furlough hours used on Absence
Code to select: COVID FURLOUGH
Group 2
Reduce via salary percentage across furlough period.
-Can take in increments of 1 hour or more
-Can take consecutive days
tip sheet
Enter furlough hours used on Timesheet
Code to select: %REDF
Group 3
"Deduct as Used"
FA, AS**, LI, CP, CJ
**Non-Instructional AS
Reduce as used.
-Can take in increments of 1 hour or more
-Cannot take more than 1 day per week (Sun-Sat) and all hours worked for that week must be reported on timesheet, in addition to furlough time. 
Monthly: tip sheet
Enter furlough hours used on Timesheet
Code to select: FUREG for hours worked.
Code to select FURLM for furlough hours used

tip sheet
Enter furlough hours used on Timesheet Code to select: FURLH

Smoothing Percentage (for Groups 1 and 2) 

Furlough TypeH-BasisA-BasisC-Basis
Deduction of dollar amount on:
6A/2020 - 10B/20206M/2020 - 10M/20209M/2020, 10M/2020, Partial 11M/2020 (through 10/31/20)
Type 1 (Less than $50,000)2.72%2.77%3.69%
Type 2 ($50,000-$80,000)3.63%3.69%5.54%
Type 3 ($80,001-$150,000)4.54%4.61%7.38%
Type 4 (More than $150,000)5.45%5.54%9.23%

Time and Furlough Approvals for Managers

1. Navigate to your MyUW portal at https://my.wisc.edu/
2. On the Manager Time and Approval Tile, click on the Time/Absence Dashboard icon 

Manager Time and Approval Box

The date range for approvals may need to be changed to see all employees' time requests

1. Click on the calendar icon next to Start Date.
2. Click date from the calendar (suggest beginning of the month).
3. Click the Calendar icon next to End Date (suggest end of the month).
4. Click the Refresh button. 

calendar icon image

1. Click on the employee's name to see information about time needing approval. 

  • Day by day breakdown of time
  • Add comments
  • Link to Timesheet
NOTE: The Timesheet will open in a new browser tab, close this tab to go back to the dashboard. Having multiple browser tabs with the dashboard open will cause performance issues.

2. Click on the View Details hyperlink to see additional information about time needing approval for all employees, including day by day breakdown and link to Timesheets. 

1. Put a check mark next to the employee name(s) to take action on
2. Click approve
3. The time will be removed from the list. 

Payable Time Approvals image

Furlough summary (Groups 1 & 2), deductions taken from each paycheck: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:464d3c4b-8469-4d3d-bd08-edfd1711c230

Furlough summary (Group 3), deducations taken as staff use furlough time: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:7c3409cc-5587-428a-8c02-5c058c4dbdfd

To determine furlough requirements/obligations, please use calculator found at: https://hr.wisc.edu/covid19/furlough/calculator/. 

Proration for New or Terminating Employees
Use the formulas below or use calculator 

Comp Rate
(A,C or Hx2080)
>  >  >  > 
Furlough Days AssignedxFTE=# of Daysx8=# of Hrs

A-Basis and H-Basis
Total furlough period is 170 days
Proration: # of days employed / 170 days x furlough days assigned x FTE

Total furlough period is 76 days
Proration: # of days employed / 76 days x furlough days assigned x FTE 

Link to campus website:  https://hr.wisc.edu/covid19/furlough/

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