L&S Standard Rates for Short-term Staff and Student Assistants

This documents lists minimum base rates for short-term instructional and student assistant appointments and in the College of Letters and Science.

Any rate changes are effective in the fall semester (e.g., summer appointments in 2022 will follow the academic year 2021-22 rates).

November 2021 Update

The following KB page has been updated related to the Title and Total Compensation Project (TTC) in November 2021.

Some Academic Staff titles and usage have changed with implementation of TTC. Student Assistant titles have not changed.

Short-term Instructional Staff

The standard rates for short-term staff in L&S are below. The term 'short-term staff' or 'STS' refers to Academic Staff instructors with fixed-term terminal continuity. These instructors are evaluated for the appropriate rate by L&S Human Resources with each offer.

Academic Staff Lecturers

There are three standard base rates, based on the lecturer's number of semesters of teaching experience.

Academic Staff Lecturers
Prior semesters of teaching experience
2021-22 C-Basis Rate
2022-23 C-Basis Rate
0-8 semesters $42,124 $43,388
9-19 semesters $49,440 $50,923
20+ semesters $54,385 $56,017

Definition of 'Experience'

•    Experience must be gained as a lecturer or equivalent or higher.
•    Experience as a TA or other comparable instructional role does not count as lecturer experience.
•    Experience must be gained in for-credit instruction in a higher education setting.
•    Experience need not be gained in consecutive semesters. 
•    Appointments in Summer Term will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will typically count as one semester of teaching experience .

Other Short-term Instructional Academic Staff

Other Academic Staff STS
Previous title (pre-TTC)
2021-22 C-Basis Rate
2022-23 C-Basis Rate
Teaching Faculty I Assistant Faculty Associate $43,127 $44,421
Teaching Specialist Faculty Assistant $40,140 $41,344
Professor Emeritus (no change) $54,385 $56,017

Student Assistants

The following are College-specific rates. For campus minima and other student assistant titles, refer to campus OHR or the Grad School's website.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants
HR / Payroll title 2021-22 C-Basis Rate 2022-23 C-Basis Rate
Teaching Assistant (graduate student) $41,000


Undergraduate Assistant - TA $40,140 $41,344

Lecturer (SA)

Lecturer (SA)
HR / Payroll title 2021-22 C-Basis Rate 2022-23 C-Basis Rate
Lecturer (SA) $45,000


Grader / Readers

Grader / Readers
HR / Payroll title 2021-22 Hourly Rate 2022-23 Hourly Rate
Project Assistant - Grader/Reader $21.57 $22.22
Undergraduate Assistant - Grader/Reader $21.57 $22.22

Project Assistant rates

Project Assistants
Pay Basis 2021-22 Rate
C-Basis $41,000
A-Basis $50,112
H-Basis (hourly) $24.10/hour

Research Assistant

Research Assistants are paid at the home department rate.

Research Assistants
Pay Basis 2021-22 Rate
C-Basis $40,608
A-Basis $49,632

Calculating Gross Salary

To calculate gross salary, use the campus 'Funding Layout Assistance Tool' (FLOAT), available on OHR's Payroll Toolkit.

Appointment letters include the biweekly salary amount. This amount is calculated by taking the full-time academic year rate, divided by 19.5, multiplied by the appointment percentage:

Example: 33.4% Lecturer (SA) with the full-time rate of $45,000:

45,000 / 19.5 * .334 = $770.77

Contacts for L&S Administration

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