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The course description provides a brief summary of the course content. The text of a course description is used in the search features of Guide, Course Search and Enroll etc. so it is useful to make sure key words are included.

When creating or updating a course description, keep the following in mind:

  • There is a 1000 character limit on the length of the description.
  • It is important to be concise as too much detail may restrict your ability to adapt the course in future years.
  • Do not repeat course title, credits, how it counts toward requirements, planned offering, or requisites in the course description.
  • To conserve space, do not use phrases like: "This course", "The goal is", "students will" or similar phrases.  
  • Complete sentences are not necessary.
  • When referring to other courses (if, in a sequence), list the correct subject short description in all capital letters and the catalog number.

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