EPM - Common ODBC Errors

This document contains a list of common ODBC errors, their causes, and solutions.


Certain error codes denote problems with ODBC connections (used to connect to EPM databases). This document describes some of those error messages, their causes, and potential solutions to underlying problems.


TNS-03505: Failed to resolve name

  • When it appears: User runs 'tnsping' command to verify ODBC database connectivity.

  • Cause: User mistypes name of ODBC connection and/or ODBC connection named or formatted incorrectly in tnsnames.ora file. Example: if tnsames.ora contains a connection entry named 'DATABASE' but user types 'DATABSAE' at the tnsping prompt, error will appear. Can also appear if tnsnames.ora does not exist.

  • Solutions: Verify presence of tnsnames.ora file. Ensure the name of the connection typed at the tnsping prompt matches the name of the connection entry in tnsnames.ora.

TNS-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist

    • When it appears: User runs 'tnsping' command to verify ODBC database connectivity.

    • Causes: Invalid hostname in tnsnames.ora and/or local networking issues.

  • Solutions: Verify basic network connectivity on local machine. Verify that the
    Host =
    entry in tnsnames.ora contains a valid hostname.

ORA-01013: User requested cancel of current operation

    • When it appears: User runs query against an Oracle database in any of a variety of applications (e.g. MS Access, TOAD, SQL Developer).

    • Causes: Can appear if user prematurely cancels an SQL operation over an ODBC connection. Can also indicate a connection timeout in the event of a long or malformed query.

    • Solutions: If user is not cancelling connection intentionally, disable timeout on ODBC connection. User should check query/SQL operation for errors.

ORA-01254: TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified

    • When it appears: User attempts to configure ODBC connection.

    • Causes: Malformed (incorrect or improperly formatted) connection entry in tnsnames.ora

    • Solutions: Run 'tnsping' to determine which of the above two TNS- errors is applicable. Work through the corresponding solution(s).

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