KB User's Guide - General Info - Manage Your Favorite Documents (for Internal Site only)

Designating Favorite docs in your Internal KB is great if you often refer to the same set of docs OR if you often refer users to the same set of docs. All of your "Favorited" documents are easily accessed by using the showmyfavoritedocs "Quick Search Option" in the KB site search field.

    Designate a Document as a Favorite

    You may add and manage Favorite documents in your Internal KB site quickly and easily. The links you save are stored so you can access them from any device.

    In the example below,  the word "anchor" was entered in the KB User's Guide Internal space to locate the, "How to Create Anchor Tags and Links" document. The image below shows that the search yielded 3 documents.


    After you find your document, go to the very bottom of the document or the Document Information Table. Click on the button on the furthest right: the Mark as favorite button. The image below shows the button circled in red.


    After you click on the Mark as favorite button, you will see a message indicating "Marked as favorite" in the Feedback section at the bottom of the screen. You may reload this page and unmark as favorite". The image below has a red arrow pointing at that message.

    When the document is designated as a Favorite, the "Mark as Favorite" button will be replaced with the message "Marked as favorite. You may reload this page and unmark as favorite" message will appear.

    Remove the Favorite Designation

    To "un-favorite" a document, click on your browser's reload button. This action will create a button an Unmark as favorite.

    Clicking on that button in the Feedback section at the bottom of the screen will lead to a button, Unmark as favorite. You may reload this page and Mark as favorite will appear once again.

    Display ALL documents with the Favorite Designation

    In the search field of your live internal KB site, enter the "Quick Search" option of showmyfavoritedocs to display your list. The image below shows the "showmyfavoritedocs" in the search field of the internal Demo KB site, along with the 7 "favorited" documents.

    *** Note that the image above showing 7 "Favorited" documents from two distinct KB Spaces; the KB Demo Site and the Child Demo KB site. You can Favorite documents from other KB Spaces to which you have access. Your "Favorited" documents will display on one screen as long as they are available in that site.

    Search Among Your Favorites

    You may search by keyword among your designated favorites by typing "showmyfavoritedocs" in the Search field and a keyword(s). The image below displays all the "Favorited" documents that have a keyword of "soccer".

    For more information on other "Quick Search" options, see, KB User's Guide - General Info - Quick Search Options.

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