iOS (iPod) - Troubleshooting problems with an iPod

When an iPod will not turn on, is frozen, or is otherwise not working correctly, there are some steps which can be taken which may help to resolve the problem.

CAUTION: Some of the steps prescribed by Apple (e.g. Restoring) will erase the contents of the iPod. You will need to have copies of the songs, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and games in your iTunes Library in order to be able to restore these items back onto the iPod.

The Five Rs

Apple has identified five things which can be done to help with the more common iPod problems users may encounter. These steps are called the "Five Rs" and on most iPods consist of:

  1. Reset
  2. Retry
  3. Restart
  4. Reinstall
  5. Restore

The exact steps vary depending on the model of iPod that is having problems. Apple provides an iPod Troubleshooting Assistant which provides detailed directions for running through these steps for all of the iPod models.

Checking warranty status on iPod

Your iPod may be covered under warranty. To check whether the iPod is under warranty, you will first need to find the serial number of the iPod. Directions for finding the serial number are available from Apple:

Once you have the serial number, you can check the warranty status using Apple's Online Service Assistant. If the iPod is under warranty, you may have additional service options available from Apple.

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