Webex App - Park and Retrieve Calls

If you're part of a call park group, you can park an ongoing call. When you park a call, the call gets assigned a parked number that's not your phone number. You can then use that parked number to retrieve the call from another device. Or you can share the number with people in a different department so that one of them can retrieve the call from their own device.

Call Park

How to Park and Retrieve Calls

While on a phone call, click More More, and then select Park.

The call is put on hold and the parked number displays.


The call can be retrieved in one of two ways:

  • Click Retrieve at the bottom of your call window to retrieve the call you parked. If you want to retrieve the call from your mobile app or a different device, dial the parked number from there.
  • Share the parked number with others and someone else can dial that number from another device to retrieve the call.

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