Honorlock - Getting Started

This document is meant to guide new Honorlock users on necessary knowledge for use of Honorlock.

Honorlock is an automated proctoring tool designed for assessments built in the Canvas learning management system (LMS), particularly in Canvas Quizzes. It also works with 3rd party tools, such as Atomic Assessments and publisher Digital Learning Tools. Honorlock flags certain behaviors that may be acts of academic misconduct, which the instructor can review after the student completes the exam. Honorlock is available to all UW-Madison faculty, instructors and students in credit-based courses. 

What You Need to Know Before Using this Tool

Instructor Considerations

  • Instructors planning to use Honorlock should include a statement in the course syllabus that proctoring will be required. Consider using or modifying Honorlock’s syllabus language. 
    • Instructors should make it clear in the syllabus that failure to use the assigned proctoring service will result in specific consequences. 
    • Instructors who do not have the use of Honorlock clearly stated in their syllabus at the beginning of the semester can not mandate it's use on assessments later in the semester. If an instructor chooses to use Honorlock later in the semester, an alternative to Honorlock proctoring must be provided to students who wish to not be proctored using Honorlock.
    • It is possible that unforeseen circumstances may result in an exam moving from in-person to online during the course of the semester. To ensure that an instructor can engage the use of Honorlock without a previously established proctoring agreement via the syllabus, instructors should insert a statement in the syllabus indicating that it is within the instructor's discretion to engage the use of Honorlock during the semester if circumstances require it.
  • Instructors should provide students clear information about the proctoring process, including how to access the exams and what technology is required. 
  • Honorlock does not have to be used for every assessment. Instructors can choose to use Honorlock on an assessment by assessment basis.
  • Refer to Honorlock - Semester to Semester for tasks regularly needed on a semesterly basis.

Student Considerations

  • Honorlock only works when using a Chrome browser on Windows or macOS desktop computer platforms. Exams cannot be proctored with Honorlock on a phone or tablet. 
  • Students must install a Chrome extension to complete an Honorlock proctored assessment.
  • Some international students may need to use a VPN while taking their exam. See here for more information on UW's VPN services
  • If students have any issues prior to or during their exam, they should contact Honorlock support directly in Canvas through their chat feature, or send an email to support@honorlock.com.
  • UW-Madison has reviewed Honorlock and determined it complies with FERPA and other privacy standards. You can view Honorlock’s Student Privacy Statement here.
  • Before the launch of every proctoring session, Honorlock will prompt students to agree to their Terms of Service and Data Collection and Use policy.

Using Honorlock for the First Time

  • Honorlock must be enabled in Canvas in order to use it. Review the document Honorlock - Enabling Honorlock in Canvas (Instructor) for step-by-step instructions on enabling Honorlock in a Canvas course. Once enabled, it will appear in the course navigation bar for you and your students.
  • Honorlock offers direct support 24/7/365 for instructors and students via phone ((844) 243-2500), live chat and email (support@honorlock.com). Live chat is accessible via the chat bubble at the bottom right of the Honorlock page in Canvas.

Tool Functionality

Basic Functionality

  • Honorlock is designed for assessments building in the Canvas learning management system (LMS), particularly with Canvas Quizzes. 
  • After creating a Canvas Quiz, an instructor can enable Honorlock for that quiz by selecting Honorlock from the left navigation bar in their Canvas Course. 
  • After selecting Honorlock the instructor is given the option to enable Honorlock for quizzes listed in their Canvas course.
  • After selecting a quiz, instructors must choose Proctoring Settings, Allowed URLS, Student Guidelines, Accommodations, and Exam Visibility.
  • Options such as time limits, extended time, due dates, and availability dates are all controlled through Canvas quizzing, not settings within Honorlock.
  • Honorlock automatically generates an exam password or access code once enabled for a Canvas quiz. Instructors will see this access code when viewing the Canvas quiz settings, under Quiz Restrictions. Do not remove or alter the Honorlock-generated access code in the Canvas quiz settings, because if removed, students will be able to take their assessment without being proctored. , or will not be able to get into their exam at all. For more information visit Honorlock- Access Codes.
  • Proctoring results will be located in the Honorlock LTI within the instructors course. Instructors will locate the specific assessment and select the Results button to review results for academic integrity. Review the Honorlock document How to View Your Honorlock Results for more detailed steps.
    • Honorlock offers instructors Failsafe Images that collects a still image of a student’s webcam and screen every 10 seconds, in case a student had poor internet connectivity or outage during an exam.
    • Summary Reports of exam results are available once the exam’s due date has passed.
    • Instructors make the final decision about whether a flagged behavior during an exam should be handled as academic misconduct. If an instructor determines that misconduct has occurred they should follow the university protocol on misconduct.
  • Watch the How to Use Honorlock (Faculty) video from Honorlock for an overview of how to set up Honorlock proctored Canvas quizzes or visit UW-Madison’s Honorlock Overview document.

Advanced Functionality

  • Honorlock’s Universal Third Party Integration allows students to test outside of Canvas, via a third-party publisher website, while their exam session is still being proctored. 
  • Honorlock’s Universal Third Party integration setup is required for any assessment tool that is not a Canvas quiz. This includesAtomic Assessment.
  • To do so, select Honorlock from the left navigation bar in their Canvas Course and then Register Third Party Exam from the menu represented as three dots on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Similar to Honorlock’s functionality with Canvas quizzing, instructors must select Proctoring Settings, Student Guidelines, Accommodations, and Exam Visibility in addition to Exam Name, Exam Start, Exam End, Exam Password, Exam Platform, and Exam URL.
  • The Exam password field in Honorlock must match the password that you have used when setting up your third party exam. If the passwords do not match, students will not be able to start the exam.
  • Watch Using Honorlock for Third Party Exams (Faculty Video) from Honorlock for an overview of how to set up Honorlock proctored third party quizzes or visit Honorlock’s Create a Third Party Exam document.
  • Refer to  [Link for document 115153 is unavailable at this time.] or email learnuwsupport@wisc.edu, to determine whether your third party integration is registered on campus.

Additional Training Resources

Canvas Tech Modules

  • These modules, developed by DoIT Academic Technology's Learn@UW-Madison team, are designed to help instructors introduce centrally supported learning technologies to their students. For more information, see Canvas - Student Tech Modules in Canvas Commons
  • An Honorlock Student Tech Module template can be imported and modified in Canvas by instructors to communicate to students regarding the use of Honorlock.

Best Practices and Use Cases

  • Use minimal proctoring settings for your use case. In some cases using Honorlock to lock down students’ browsers may be sufficient.
  • Communicate with students which features of Honorlock you are using for which assessments and why.
  • Set-up practice exams or give students ample opportunity to practice using the tool for low-stake quizzes and activities. 
  • Use case scenarios for Honorlock can be found through the Student Learning Assessment website. Use cases include:
    • Using Honorlock In the Classroom- Low Stakes (Formative) Assessments
    • Using Honorlock In the Classroom- High Stakes (Summative) Assessment
    • Using Honorlock Online
    • Using Honorlock with an Extended Time Accommodation


  • Honorlock is available at no cost to UW-Madison students, staff and faculty.

The DoIT Help Desk provides instructors, staff and students with free tech support and troubleshooting help by phone, email or chat. Instructors and instructional staff can also request a consultation with an AT Consultant through the DoIT Help Desk. 

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