CyberArk - Search Accounts

This topic describes how to search accounts and service accounts.

Search for accounts and service accounts

Accounts that are retrieved or stored recently appear ‘Recently used’ accounts lists. If the account you are looking for does not appear in this list, you will have to search for it.

Search for an account
  1. In the Accounts page, specify the search criteria in the Search field. You can specify multiple keywords.

    You can specify a Safe name that includes spaces. This Safe name does not need to be specified within quotation marks.

    You can perform a search for all the accounts in the Vault that you have access to by leaving the Search field empty. However, this might take a while as the process searches the entire Vault.

  2. Click the search icon or press Enter; the search is carried out in all the Safes in the Vault that you are authorized to access.

Search results

Search results are listed in the Accounts page, in the Recent list. You can save these results and refer back to them later.

Save search results
  1. In the Accounts page, click Recent. A list of searches is displayed.

    The initial name of the search shows the keywords that you specified.

    Search 3

  2. Click the ellipses next to the search name and select Save as. The Save window appears.

    Search 2

  3. Specify the name to represent the search, then click OK. The search is saved and is added to the list of saved searches.

Saved searches

After you have saved previous searches, you can view them at any time without having to run the search again, or even set a saved search as the default accounts list so that you have immediate access to the listed accounts when you log on.

View saved searches
  1. In the Accounts page, click Saved. A list of saved searches is displayed.

    If no searches have been saved, the following message is displayed.

  2. Click the ellipses next to the name of a saved search to do any of the following tasks:



    Set as default

    Sets the saved search as the default list when you display the Accounts page.


    Enables you to rename the saved search. The new name must be unique.


    Deletes the saved search

    Search 1

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