Membership/Subscription Guidelines

Guidelines to the purchasing of memberships and subscriptions for L&S Faculty and Staff


UW System Memberships Policy


UW-Madison Subscriptions Policy


Purchasing Card - FAQ


Membership/Subscription could be allowable as follows:


  1. When membership is deemed essential, an institutional or organizational membership/subscription should be the first option considered. (instead of an individual membership/subscription) 


  1. The DP/requisition must document/justify the University business reason (how it benefits the University). 


  1. Dates of the Membership/subscription on the DP/requisition.



  1. The individual faculty/staff/student is a current UW employee, and their appointment is not ending during the membership/subscription period.


  1. The membership/subscription must be attached to a campus address.  Subscriptions mailed to a home address would be considered a personal expense.


  1. Memberships/subscriptions should be paid on an annual basis. 


  1. Multi-year memberships/subscriptions can be purchased by the department only if there is a significant cost savings to the University. 

A-    If a multi-year membership/subscription is paid for by faculty/staff, the expense can be reimbursed one year at a time.  An accountable plan exception form must be attached to subsequent years, as they would be over 90 days beyond the initial expense, and could be tax reportable.

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