AEFIS - Eval Survey Instance - Why can't I assign courses to a survey? (Admin) [UW-Madison]

This document explains why course sections cannot be assigned to a survey prior to the second week of classes in a semester.

Why can’t I assign courses? or When can I assign courses? 

Course sections cannot be assigned to an evaluation until a course section is published. This allows time for instructors to create a syllabus. When a faculty member finalizes the syllabus within AEFIS, the course becomes published.

  • Usually accessed from Canvas via Course Syllabus (AEFIS) navigation button. 

When are courses auto-published?

AEFIS auto-publishes all course sections the first Monday after the first day of classes. This allows sections to be published if faculty do not use this option for syllabi.

How can I publish a course before that date?

Department Admins can manually publish a course section if their department needs to schedule an eval to start before this date. See Manually publishing a course, below. You can do this once a term is added to AEFIS; generally one week after enrollment begins.

Manually publishing a course

  1. go to the AEFIS menu AEFIS Hamburger Menu and choose Course Section.
    AEFIS menu is open and Course Sections selected
  2. Filter department and check the white box in front of each section to publish.
    Filter menu is open with department selected
  3. Next, go to Selected Items Actions and choose change status > update status to published.
    Selected Items Actions is open with Change Status selected
  4. After the next batch job completes (about 60 minutes), the classes will show in the list to assign. 

Additional Notes:

  • Only publish courses that need to be evaluated prior to the end of week 1. For all other courses, wait for course sections to be auto published. 
  • All auto published sections display this message when a student clicks on Course Syllabus (AEFIS): Syllabus Not Available - This syllabus has not been published by the instructor. Please contact the instructor of the course.

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