Webex Events: Best Practices for Hosting and Attending a Webex

This document highlights the best practices for hosting, moderating, attending, and presenting during a Webex Event.

All Participants

  • Connect via Ethernet over WiFi
  • Limit connection via VPN
  • Use headphones
  • Operational
    • Assign an alternate host
    • Designate one or two moderators from the panelists attending the even for managing chat and Q&A
      • Moderator is not a specific role in Webex
    • Join your hosted event early (15-30 minutes) and enter "Practice Session" mode to setup any settings exclusive to the event session and upload event specific material
      • "Practice Session" mode will also place the host and panelists in their own call to prevent attendees from listening/seeing you during pre-event conversations
    • Allow participants to join the meeting 5-15 minutes for audio and video setup
    • Create a custom document greeting attendees and sharing meeting expectations / agenda (PowerPoint slide / Word document)
    • Create a template for regular occurring events to make scheduling easy
    • If your event requires a post-event destination URL and doesn't fall under currently allowed domains (wisc.edu, uwmadison.co1.qualtrics.com), contact DoIT Help Desk for this to be allowed
    • Ask your audience if it's okay to record the meeting if recording is desired
  • Settings
    • Mute attendees on entry and turn off entry and exit tones
    • Depending on the meeting requirements, limit the available attendee and panelist features such as chat, annotation, participant list, and audio
    • Lock the event to provide additional security once all known participants have joined
    • Turn off "Request attendees to verify rich media players" when setting up the event
  • Operational
    • View and answer questions from attendees in the Q&A panel. Answers should be sent publicly or privately depending  on the type of question and response required
    • Prepare poll questions ahead of the event
    • Prepare chat and Q&A panels for monitoring purposes via the navigation bar
    • Avoid utilizing the "Share multimedia" functionality unless you're familiar wit the tool's usage
    • Save chat and Q&A before concluding the event
  • Settings
    • Mute mic and turn off video when not speaking
  • Operational
    • Open any applications you want to share before the meetings starts
    • When possible, share an application instead of sharing an entire screen
    • Close any open content / applications that should not be seen by attendees
    • Try not to cover a shared application or web browser with another window on your computer's screen. A crosshatched pattern appears in participant sharing windows where the other window is covering the shared application or browser
  • Settings
    • As the presenter, use the page controls at the top of the tap you are sharing to move forward and backward through a document. You can also set a specific time interval before a document automatically advances by going to the "View" menu and selecting "Automatically Advance Pages"
  • Operational
    • If you're not automatically muted on joining the event, mute yourself when joining
    • Be mindful of background noise that your microphone may pick-up
    • Be aware of whether the meeting is being recorded
    • If Q&A is occurring, send any questions that you have to "All Panelists' unless otherwise specified
  • Settings
    • If the event requires Q&A, enabled the panel via the navigation bar under "More Options"
Window Layout
Webex Events Window Layout

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