Collaborate Ultra - Best Practices

This document list the best practices for a successful session when using Collaborate Ultra.

Best Practices for a successful Collaborate Ultra session

1. Use a computer for the best experience. Phones and tablets are convenient, but the power of a computer is really needed to adequately run Collaborate Ultra and all of its features.

2. Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. These two browsers work best, others will work, but you may not have access to all available features.

3. When asked for permission to access your Camera or Microphone, you must click Allow, even if you do not plan to turn on your camera or microphone. Denying access to your microphone may affect the ability to hear others speaking. If you are unsure if your browser has the proper permissions or you need to change them, THIS PAGE, has some troubleshooting techniques for each supported browser.

4. Make sure browser is updated to newest version

5. Use a wired internet connection if possible. Most home Wifi routers have jacks that you can use to connect your computer with an ethernet cable. Wifi is much more susceptible to interruption and can cause you to drop out of a class or meeting.

6. If you must use Wifi, avoid public or high-use wifi spots. The quality of public wifi can vary greatly and will usually not be sufficient enough to maintain a quality Collaborate conference. Also some public wifi spots, for security reasons, block certain types of internet traffic which may cause problems with using Collaborate.

7. When using your home internet, minimize other internet uses in the home (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, online gaming, etc) The amount of internet bandwidth you have available can vary greatly depending location, provider, etc. Web conferencing programs, like Collaborate, require a lot of bandwidth and work best when they don’t have to battle other programs/users for it.

8. Quit any programs on your computer you are not using. Having excess programs running in the background can also affect Collaborates performance by taking up memory, bandwidth and processing power. It is also good practice to reboot your computer before a Collaborate meeting to give it a “fresh start”, but make sure to quit any programs that you don’t need that may automatically start when you reboot.

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or