Campus Computer - Requesting Administrative Privileges

This document provides instructions on how to request an exception to allow you to have local administrator privileges on your campus computer.

Campus Computer Safety

In order to meet UW System Information Security Policy, the default computer setup does not provide the user with local administrator privileges. This prevents the user from installing software or printers on their own. This should not be a problem for most users, since each computer has a software center from which they can install campus software and printers.

Requesting an Exception to have Local Administrator Privileges

Information Technology acknowledges that there may be specific job tasks or research activities that do require local administrator privileges. To request an exception, allowing you to retain local administrator privileges, please email the Help Desk ( with your computer number(s) and the specific software you are using that requires administrative privileges to work.

  1. Once your request is received, the Help Desk will create a ticket to confirm receipt.
  2. Staff will evaluate the need to see if it can be met using our standard deployment tools.
  3. If a work-around that does not require administrative privileges does exist, then the request will be denied.
  4. If it doesn't, then we will ask your supervisor, Dean/Director, and the CIO/CISO to approve your request.
  5. If all approve, then the request and administrative privileges will be granted
NOTE: The exception will need to be renewed annually and your computer will need to be available for review by campus and UW System auditors upon request. View the full Exception User Agreement.

Information on Software Centers

MSC for Apple Computers
SCCM for HP Computers

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or