Wireless - What Is Eduroam?

This document describes Eduroam - it's benefits and uses.

Eduroam is an international WiFi service organized by academic institutions to facilitate network access. Anyone from an Eduroam-provisioned campus, when on-site at a different Eduroam-provisioned campus, can log into the Eduroam WiFi service using their home campus NetID and password. Eduroam WiFi is a more secure network than many open or guest wireless access services. Many campuses in the UW System participate in Eduroam; nationally, there are hundreds of participating campuses. Using Eduroam will also facilitate our ability to work together on multiple campuses.

Q: Does this mean I can login to Eduroam at a different campus?

A: Yes! You will be able to login at any other campus that also uses Eduroam.

Please note: You must use your full email address when logging in at other campuses. e.g. [netid]@uwosh.edu.

Q: Can visitors from other Eduroam-participating campuses connect using Eduroam here?

A: Yes! They will be able to connect to our Eduroam network the same as they would at their campus.

Q: Is Eduroam secure?

A: Yes! Eduroam has the same high-level protections and security features that currently exist on Titan WiFi.

Q: How do I log into Eduroam?

A: You can use the same method to log into Eduroam as you have used to log into Titan WiFi. For help documents regarding connecting, please follow this: Eduroam Knowledgebase Articles

Eventually, we will discontinue Titan WiFi and use only Eduroam, to reduce redundancy of time and effort while providing better service, so we encourage you to switch as soon as it is convenient to do so.