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Adobe InDesign - Creating a New Document

In this document, you will learn how to use the new document window to your advantage.


To Create a New Document:

  1. Choose File > New > Document.
    1. Or press Cmd+N on the Mac or Ctrl+N on Windows
    • The New Document dialog box combines the Document Setup and the Margins And Columns dialog boxes, the page size, margins, and page columns can be set up all in one place. These settings can also be changed at any time.
  2. Specify document setup options.
    1. Start with intent; choose Print, Web or Digital Publishing
      • What is the intention for this document? note: Web does not mean web like a web page or an HTML page. It means a document that is going to be delivered on-screen. Probably 99% of the documents that are created with InDesign the intent chosen is Print. Print does not mean only print. If the document will become a PDF that that is online, you can still use print. When print is chosen, measurements are all set to picas, or inches, or centimeters and the colors are set to CMYK.
  3. Check or uncheck facing pages. Facing pages should only be used for documents that have a left hand and a right hand page, a verso and a recto, like a book or a magazine.
  4. Set the number of pages by typing in the desired number.
  5. Specify a paper size. Choose the size of the document being created.
  6. To specify the dimensions of the bleed and slug areas, click the Arrow button before the Bleed and Slug label. The bleed and slug areas extend out from the edges of the definedPage Size. To make the bleed or slug areas extend evenly on all sides, click the Make All Settings The Same icon . (See Bleed and Printer’s Marks)
  7. Click OK to open the new document with the settings specified.
  8. To change any of these settings later on choose File > Document Setup.

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or

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