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Adobe Photoshop - Panning, Zooming, and Using the Rotate View Tool

This document gives you the basic instruction for scaling and navigating around a document.


Panning, zooming, and the Rotate View are fundamental tools of Photoshop. These tools assist with making very detailed adjustments and edits to images.


Using the Hand Tool:

  1. Access the hand tool by clicking the Hand icon on the left tool menu or by pressing H on the keyboard.
  2. Click and drag to move the image.
  3. Release the mouse once the image is moved to its desired location.

Flick Panning:

  1. Click down on one area of the image.
  2. Release swiftly in any direction , and the image will fly over to that spot.
  3. Stop flick panning by clicking while the “flick” is happening.


Using the Zoom Tool  

  1. Select the magnifying glass from the left toolbar (near the bottom).
  2. Click to zoom the desired level.
  3. To zoom out, click “zoom out” in the options bar, or by using the keyboard shortcut cmd + ‘-’ (mac) or ctrl + ‘-’ (windows).
  4. To zoom in, switch out ‘-’ for ‘+’.
  5. Also, dynamically zooming in/out is available by selecting zoom in/out and holding down the mouse.

Using Scrubby Zoom:

  1. Click and hold the mouse down.
  2. Move mouse left to zoom out, or right to zoom in.
  3. Release the mouse once the desired zoom level is achieved.

Using the Rotate View Tool

  1. Click and hold the Hand tool, dropping down additional tools in the menu to the left side.
  2. Select the Rotate View tool from this menu or by clicking the R key.
  3. Click and drag the compass to desired rotation.

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