Mailing List - Email Moderation of Restricted Mailing List

This document is for use by the person(s) designated to approve(moderate) which emails may be sent to a restricted email list. It includes the steps to follow when reviewing an email that is sent to such an email list. It also discusses rules and alternatives for attachments.

Moderated mailing list description

If a mailing list is moderated, any posts to the list will be held for approval before they are sent to the list subscribers. The list administrator(s) will decide whether or not to allow each message to be posted to the list. Other factors may also trigger a post to be held, such as if the message is too long. The following shows the steps required for a message posted to a moderated list to make it to the subscribers:

Email Moderation Request

  1. An email notification will be sent to the email moderator for approval.
  2. There are two type of request that will come through for approval, New Request or Request Waiting:

Emails with Attachments

Review the Email for Moderation

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