Accounts - Account Deactivation

Information about when accounts may be deactivated

Account Deactivation

Describes situations where accounts may be deactivated. 

Why are accounts deactivated?

Note: Deactivated accounts cannot be used to send or receive email. Accounts which have been in a deactivated state for longer than six (6) months may be deleted from the system.


  • Who is eligible?

    • New students who have paid matriculation fees
      • Students are eligible to retain an account if they are a new incoming student (paid matriculation fee), or a student enrolled or eligible to enroll in classes in current or following semesters.
    • Students on military leave, academic leave, study abroad, or other academic programs which don't include enrollment in a course may retain an email account.
      • This information is not always provided to IT, so please contact the Help Desk if a notification is received involving an account.
  • Who is NOT eligible?

    • Students taking a semester off
      • Students taking a semester/year off from school are generally not eligible to retain an email account. If a student returns in the future, the account will be either reactivated or recreated.
  • Recent Graduates

    • Recent graduates may apply for an extension if additional time is required to move to an Alumni or other email account.
    • Apply For Alumni Email


If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or