Software - Personal Employee Purchase

This document provides UW Oshkosh Employees with information regarding discounts and personal software purchases.

What Software is Available for Employee Personal Purchases

The following is a list of software that is available to current campus employees. This is software that is for personal machine use.

Microsoft Office Work-At-Home

This is a lease license for use of MS Office work at home as long as you are employed by UW Oshkosh and as long as UW Oshkosh maintains a site license with Microsoft.

Who Can Request Microsoft Office 365

How can I Get Microsoft Office 365

Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog (WISC) 

Purchase a personal license for software on the WISC site.
  1. Go to WISC Faculty Staff Personal Purchase Link
  2. Log in with your NetID user name and password

SPSS (Windows Only) and MapleSoft

  • UW Oshkosh has work-at-home rights for UW Oshkosh instructors.  
  • This software is to be installed on your personal machine.

Who Can Request the Software

  • Currently employed UW Oshkosh Faculty and Staff

Where do I Get the Software From

SPSS & MapleSoft

Call (920) 424-3020 to make a request through a ticket from the IT Help Desk.