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Spirion - Tools

This page will explain to the user the additional tools that Spirion has to offer, such as the System Cleanup and Shredder tools.

File Shredder

The Shred Files or Folders tool allows Spirion to shred any file or folder (and all its sub-folders and files) on the computer, even if no Identity Match is found in the specified file(s). Once selected, the Spirion Security Tool for Permanently Shredding Files and Folders dialog will open. Files can be added to the list by any of the following methods:

  1. Type the full path to the file or folder in the single line text box and click Add.
  2. Click the ... button next to the single line text box and then navigate to the desired file or folder, click OK and then click Add.
  3. Drag and drop one or more files or folders from Windows Explorer into the large text area under the column headers "Files/Folders" and "Type".

Note: If you selected a folder, all the files and sub-folders within that folder will also be shredded, and the files are irrecoverable.

This is a picture of the Identity Finder File Shredder

System Cleanup

The System Cleanup tool allows you to shred all of the Browser Data stored by Internet Explorer and Firefox as well as Recycle Bins and temporary files stored on your computer even if no Identity Match is found there. To access this tool click the System Cleanup button on the Tools ribbon.

This is a picture of the system cleanup tool available on Identity Finder


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