Spirion - Any, Only, and Multi-Find

Here you will find information on the different types of scans you can use to find PII. The Any, Only, and Multi-Find features will allow you to search for any and all PII, only certain types or identities, and PII that is grouped together.


  • Anyfind is a setting that is enabled by default.
  • Searches any and all PII that is selected to be searched under the Identities tab (Ex: SSN) will be found and returned to the results window for remediation. 
  • It will return any SSN’s that are found on the computer. 
  • By clicking the small arrow at the bottom of the Anyfind tab, here you will be able to change the Anyfind settings to your liking.


  • This feature allows you to search for only individual's personal information instead of any person's information. 
  • Converts that information into multiple formats to increase the likelihood of discovering matches. 
    • For example, when you enter 03/12/1972 as a Date of Birth, Identity Finder will match all of the following formats (and others) in any location:
      • 03/12/1972
      • 03/12/72
      • 03-12-1972
      • 03-12-72
      • Mar. 12, 1972
      • March 12, 1972

Additionally, Spirion will also look for any words you enter in various cases so it is not necessary for 'Mother's Maiden Name' to enter Smith, smith, and SMITH. Any one of these will match all three versions. You can enable Onlyfind for all of the Identity Types but, if you want Spirion to locate 'Mother's Maiden Name', you must enter unique information. Spirion will not enable OnlyFind until you provide specific personal information. You can add information by clicking the Configuration ribbon, then the Settings button, select the AnyFind page and scrolling down to the bottom OnlyFind settings.

This is a picture of the Onlyfind feature, which is located at the bottom of the Anyfind customization tab.

  1. Select the Identity Type from the Add Identity drop-down. 
  2.  Enter your personal information in the field to its right. 
  3.  Below this field is an example of the acceptable syntax for this identity. 
    • It is important to use the correct syntax so that Spirion can convert your identity into numerous formats for searching. 
  4. Once you have entered the appropriate identity information, click the Add button and it will appear in the Onlyfind Identities List.


  • MultiFind setting allows you to require multiple AnyFind dependencies so that Spirion will not discover individual Identity Types; 
  • it will require the Identity Types you specify to be found in the same location for that location to appear in search results. 
    • For example: if you normally search for Social Security Numbers and Credit Card Numbers then Spirion will find a file if one or the other is found. However, with MultiFind, both will be required in a single location so a file with an SSN but no CCN will not appear in search results. 
  • The “Always Required” command will require that type of PII to be found in a document before it reports it to the user.


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