S: or U: - Cannot Connect to S and/or U Drive

Troubleshooting steps when no U drive is showing


  1. Make sure you are logged in to the computer with your employee UWO NetId username.
  2. Try accessing any website to make sure you have a network connection.
No Network Connection (no websites can be accessed)
    1. Check that the network cable is plugged into the back of the computer and into an active jack.

Windows - Manually Map (for Off Campus Use on University-Owned Devices)

  1. Connect to Palo Alto Global Protect VPN Client (log in with your netID credentials, no @uwosh.edu).
  2. Open File Explorer (looks like a folder on the Taskbar)
  3. Click on This PC from the left menu.
  4. Select Computer from the menu on the top.
  5. Select Map Network Drive twice.
  6. Type in the following depending on which drive needs to be added:
    1. Users (U: Drive): 
      1. Drive: U
      2. Folder: \\wfc.uwoad.it.uwosh.edu\Users\
    2. Shared (S: Drive):
      1. Drive: S
      2. Folder: \\wfc.uwoad.it.uwosh.edu\Shared
  7. Select Finish


    1. Make sure you are logged in to the computer with your employee UWO NetId username
    2. In the Finder menu, select Go and then Connect to Server....
    3. If you see wfc.uwoad.it.uwosh.edu/Users in the Favorite Servers: list you can select it and click Connect.  If not you will need to proceed with the next step.
    4. Enter the address shown below, click the + button to add the server address to Favorites, and press Connect.
      Connect to U
    5. Enter your NetID username and password.
    6. Select Shared and/or Users to mount the Shared and/or Users Volume.
    7. Click Connect.