Office 365 - Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace as a part of UW Oshkosh's Office 365 suite. It is the main application for chats, calls, meetings, and messages.

Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Common Questions

  • How can Microsoft Teams be accessed?
    • Microsoft Teams can be access via browser or desktop client (for users using UW Oshkosh devices, please use Software Center or Managed Software Center to download the software)
  • Who can create a Microsoft Team?
  • What email should be used to login to the Teams application?
    • Use your UW Oshkosh NetID credentials for Teams.
  • Can external accounts (guests) be invited to a Microsoft Team?
    • Yes, non-UW Oshkosh accounts can be added as a member of the team. They will be considered a Guest account and may not have all the features of a normal account. (More information: Add guest to a team in Teams)
  • More: Microsoft Support FAQs


Desktop and Web

Mobile Devices

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