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(WHS Archives) Electronic Records -- Cataloging and ArchivesSpace

Specific instructions for born digital electronic records

Electronic Records


Update MARC Bibliographic record in OCLC, then export to Alma.
For more detailed instructions for working in OCLC and Alma see:
  • 300 __ [number] $f gigabytes [or largest byte size possible]
  • 500 __ These records have been assigned Series ####
  • 541 1_ $8 #.1 $e [accession #] $3 [description of records] Qty: [number] gigabytes
    [Note: Qty in 541 should equal 583 Accession(s) minus 583 Deaccession(s)]
    Note: Qty in 541 should equal Accession minus Deaccession]
  • 583 1_ $8 #.2 $a Accessioned $n [number] $o gigabytes $c yyyymmdd $k [initials]
  • 583 1_ $8 #.3 $a Deaccessioned-unprocssed $n [number] $o gigabytes $c yyyymmdd $k [initials]
  • 655 _7 Machine-readable. $2 aat [may change to Electronic records (digital records) 20181026 aeb]
  • 856 40 $u [Preservica url] $z Electronic files available through Preservica.
Remove, if bib record has the following:
506 __ RESTRICTED: Consult electronic records archivist for access to electronic files.


For more detailed instructions for adding holdings in Alma see:
  • 852 8_ $b WHSARCHIVE $c elc $h [accession number] $j MAD Available online via Preservica. $z [Description from bib 541 $3]


  • N/A
  • In the Alma Network Zone add perma link to specific Preservica Series/Collection page
  • Edit Record in Metadata Editor [Note: editing bib record will occur in OCLC; this is in order to add Portfolio/link]
  • +Add Inventory > Add Portfolio
  • Descriptive Information -- Choose Title* [keep as is]
  • General Information
    • Portfolio type = part of an electronic collection
    • Electronic Collection = WHS Archives Electronic Records (WHS Shared)
  • Coverage Information = leave blank
  • Inventory and Linkin Information -- URL [add permalink]
  • Notes -- Public note = Includes accession(s) ####/### ; ####/### [add for each successive electronic file accession on Preservica] [NOTE: May want to come up with different language for Non-State records]


  • New: Import MARC record into ASpace; for instructions see:
    (WHS Archives) ArchivesSpace -- Resource -- MARC Import
  • Existing collection: Search for Resource Record.
    The record may be a brief record from a MARC import, if so import EAD and Merge; for instructions see:
    (WHS Archives) ArchivesSpace -- Resource -- EAD Import

    (WHS Archives) ArchivesSpace -- Resource -- Merge
  • Add or update collection level data
    • Identifier: add accession number, unless fields are full, then add to beginning of Abstract
    • Date
    • Extent
    • Immediate Source of Acquisition: Add accession number
    • Finding aid data -- Finding aid status = Under revision
    • Other fields as needed
  • Add Part for top level information on accession; for instructions see: (WHS Archives) ArchivesSpace -- Resource -- Contents List
  • Add Child for each folder in Preservica to Part
    • Title = [title of folder or file in Preservica]
    • Date [if available]
    • Level of Description = File
    • Instance > Add container instance
        * Note: Create a new container for each Instance, even though the Indicator will be the same.
      • Type = Electronic
      • Top container > Create
      • Container type = othertype
      • Indicator = Folder
    • Note > General = add link to Electronic folder or file in Preservica
      <extref role="handle" href="[link]">Access online.</extref>
      <extref role="handle" href="">Access online.</extref>
      • For materials only accessed through the reading room change "Access online." to "Access available only onsite." [language?]
      • For restricted materials which need permissions and only accessed through the reading room change "Access online." to "See Archives Reference Staff for access onsite." [double check to see if this is the language we want]

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