(WHS Archives) EAD -- Appendix H. Checklist for Review on Test-Site

Checklist for review of EAD finding aids on UWDCC test-site.

Appendix H. Checklist for  Review on Test-Site

All finding aids

  • Misspellings and typos
    • Misspellings of proper names, check for name elsewhere in finding aid, LC NAF (Library of Congress Name Authority File), LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) and the Web. If a large amount of proper names are in finding aid do not check every name (especially personal names) as this is time consuming, concentrate on repeated names, with large amount of materials, or known persons, corporations, or places (to reviewer).
      For example:
             "Ullein-Revicky, Lovice" should be "Ullein-Reviczky, Lovice"
             "Puelicher, Gertraude" should be "Pueliher, Gertrude"
             "Madeleine Island" should be "Madeline Island"
    • Extra or missing spaces between words or punctuation

  • Acronyms
    • Are they explained the first time they are used in the narrative and the contents list?
      For example, either option acceptable:
           Associated Press (AP)
           NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
    • For personal names, spell out in every instance
      For example:
                JFK = John F. Kennedy
    • Exceptions
      • Unsure of acronym meaning, a search for the acronym on the web does not bring up a logical meaning
      • Original meaning is no longer relevant or does not make sense to spell out
        For example:
             OCLC [name formerly changed to OCLC in 2017]
             REI ["Recreational Equipment Inc. doing business as REI"]
      • Call signs for radio and television stations
  • Abbreviations
    • Have abbreviations been spelled out?
      For example:
                Names of states: "WI" should be "Wisconsin"
                Names of months: "Feb." should be "February"
    • Exceptions:
      • Vol. and No. in a periodical citation
      • D.C. (for District of Columbia)
      • Titles of persons: Sr., Jr., Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Rev., etc.; but not for political (for example Senator and Representative), or military titles (for example General and Lieutenant)
      • Inc., Ltd, LLC
  • Other General corrections
    • Have ampersands (&) been replaced by "and" where appropriate? Exceptions are the authorized form of names or partnerships, "formal" titles, etc.
    • Eliminate old references to "above" or "below" in the narrative and contents list
    •  Ships
      • Are the names of ships tagged with <emph render="italic"> tags?
      • Is the prefix capitalized and not in italics?
        For example:
                  SS Meteor
        USS Wisconsin

  • Titles
    • Are both the collection level <unittitle> and <titleproper> in title case? This will differ from the catalog where only the first word and proper nouns are capitalized
    • Are part and series headings in title case?
    • <unittitle> in contents list, which are not part or series titles, should only be in title case for formal titles (books, articles, shows, etc.), otherwise only capitalize first word and proper nouns
    • Proper [Formal] Titles
      • Are titles of books, newspapers, films, plays, periodicals, and television or radio series in <title render="italic"> tags?
      • Are titles of songs, articles, or individual episodes of television or radio programs in <title render="doublequote"> or at least in left (&#8220;) and right (&#8221;) quote marks?
    • For help with formulating titles see DACS 2.3 or DCRM(MSS) Area 1
  • Creator
    • For collections by more than one creator
      • Are all individuals in the creator field listed in the title?
      • If the collection is family papers, with a prominent family member are both listed in title?
      • Only one corporate body may be listed in the title, however there may be times when a second (or third) corporate body may be listed under creator such as the United Artists Corporation Collection.
    • Are birth and death dates for individuals listed when known?
      • Name should follow the LC NAF, however dates may be added if not part of the LC NAF
    • If creator (or other persons) is known by a nickname, in the first instance when referring to the person by name in the abstract and/or biography/historical statement, use their full name (when known) with nickname in double quotes, not parenthesis (which is done in the creator field)
      For example:
      Elizabeth "Betty" Boardman

  • Dates
    • Are collection bulk dates listed at collection level, if appropriate? 
      • List inclusive dates first followed by bulk dates in parenthesis
        Inclusive Dates: 1907-2004 (bulk 1920s-1990s) 
      • For older finding aids bulk dates may be mentioned in the abstract but not recorded with the collection dates, add to the collection dates
      • Exception: For multi-part collections, use only inclusive dates, not bulk dates
    • Exact dates
      • In contents list, unless part of a formal title, dates should be listed in Year Month Day order, with months spelled out, full year and no commas
        2023 January 4
      • In abstract, scope and content, and biography/historical statement, dates can be listed as Month Day, Year, with months spelled out and full year.
    • Inclusive and bulk dates
      • Years, if range of years, full year for beginning and end
        1978-1979 not 1978-9
      • If range of exact dates, only list same year/month once
        1972 September 30-October 5
        2000 October-2001 December
        2005 May 1-5

  • Extent
    • Is the extent accurate and does it match the MARC catalog record?
    • Has "c.f." been expanded to "cubic feet[foot]"
    • Space added before "mm" for reels of film and microfilm: (16 mm)
    • Inch instead of " [quotation mark]: 3/4 inch

  • Call numbers
    • Is the call number list complete and separated by semi-colons?
    • Do sequences of film call numbers include the letter preface?
      For example:
           "AE 008-026" should be "AE 008-AE 026"
    • Have call numbers for audio recordings been updated from "Tape" to "Audio"?
    • Is the Disc call number still in use or has it been converted to an Audio call number?
  • URL links
    • Make sure links are working
    • Are the links "permalinks"? 
    • For link to MARC catalog record, update link to OCLC number and not old RLIN number or MMS ID number (Alma)
    • For link to MARC catalog record, make sure language is updated to state collection make be stored offsite
      COLLECTION MAY BE STORED OFF-SITE: see catalog entry to request materials and for additional information.
    • Verify ARC links are updated to latest version

  • Repository
    • Make sure the correct ownership and housing is listed
    • For collections at ARCs, is the collection split between the ARC and WHS or only at ARC?
    • Is the name and url of the ARC updated to latest version?
    • Is the collection owned by WCFTR?

  • Administrative/Restriction Information
    • Restrictions
      • Are they noted both at the collection level and if needed at the series, part, box, or folder level?
      • Is there a note in the summary page pointing to a Restriction? "There is a restriction on access to and use of this material", remove mention of access or use as appropriate
      • Are the right restriction tags used? Access vs. Use
    • Acquisition Information: Is the list of accession numbers complete and separated by commas?

  • Contents list
    • Does the hierarchy of the contents list make sense? Are any component levels off?
    • Call numbers
      • If audio, film, microfilm, or photo call numbers are listed in the contents list, is the call number or accession number listed to indicate a return to the main call number for the collection?
      • Is the first call number/accession number tagged in <unitid> at the beginning of the contents list? At each Part? [exception is film and audio, which are now listed as containers]
    • Audio
      • Has audio been moved from <unitid> to <container>, with "Audio" included with the label attribute?
      • Have old audio lists been converted to include audio number for each recording?
    • Restrictions
      • Have restrictions been listed at the part, series, and/or box/folder level?

State Government Records

  • Is there a link to an agency record in the MARC catalog for the creator in the <bioghist> field?

  • Series number
    • For collections which consist of only "unprocessed" accessions, has a series number been assigned for the records? If so add note to summary page.
      For example:
                These records have been assigned Series 3158.
    • Does the file name reflect the series number?
    • If the file name has been renamed, note change on the paperwork and contact UWDCC with the change before site upload

Local Government Records

  • Tax rolls
    • Is there an appendix table for town, village and city stating years covered?
    • Are tax rolls stored as volumes? Then an appendix table for years covered is acceptable and a contents list is not needed

Multi-Part Collections

  • Call numbers and Accession numbers
    • Are all of the call numbers and accession numbers accurately listed for the various parts?
    • Exception: If there are more than 3 film and/or video call numbers in a part, only state "film" and/or "video" after other call numbers and accession numbers
    • If audio by the same number appears in more than one part, list the portion which appears in the part
      For example:
                Audio 1507A/244-249
    • Are the appropriate call numbers listed both in the arrangement of materials section and in the contents list after the part number?

  • Dates
    • Are the dates accurate for each of the parts?
    • Only use inclusive (or single year) dates, not bulk or exact dates
    • Are the dates both in the arrangement of materials section and in the contents list after the part number?

  • Arrangement of Material
    • Has the number of parts been updated?
    • Are all parts listed and linked?

  • Extent
    • Do the various parts have accurate physical descriptions including number of and types of containers in parenthesis?
      For example:
                4.4 cubic feet (4 record center cartons and 1 archives box)

  • Scope and Contents
    • When adding Part 2, has the Scope and Content for the Collection been moved to under Part 1 in the contents list?
    • Do all of the various parts have at least a short scope and content?

  • Containers
    • For parts without lists, has a general container listing been added to state generally what is in the box(es)?
    • Does the abstract describe the accession generally what is in Box 1, Box 2, etc.? If yes than split out as a contents list
    • For one box accessions note generally what is is Box 1 as a contents list; only be one <container> under the Part is acceptable

  • Collection Abstract
    • Has collection level abstract been updated to reflect the entire collection, as opposed to just describing the processed portion or the portion already part of the collection? For state and local collections the abstract may be from the RDA and only dates may need to be updated.

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