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(WHS Archives) Film -- Item Records

Creating item records in Alma for films and videos at WHS and WCFTR

Add Item Records for Films and Videos
  1. Search: Find bib record in Alma under "All title search" in Institution Zone (IZ)

  2. Open Holdings: Click Holdings under selected title

  3. Open Items: Identify holdings record to add items to. Actions -- View items

  4. Add item: While in item list click "Add Item"

  5. Do not add barcode yet: Scanning the barcode will automatically exit and save the record.

  6. Material type: Select one of the following from the drop down menu:

    - for all moving images on videotape
    - for all moving images on DVD
    Motion Picture
    - for moving images on film

  7. Item policy: Select one of the following from the drop down menu:

    Archives (does not Transfer outside WHS)
    = Materials cannot transfer within ARC Network, but circulate normally (for example photographs, oversize items, etc.)
    Archives Restricted
    = Materials have a restriction (506) that requires permission for access

  8. Enumeration A: Film or Video call #

    BA 739

  9. Public Display: Description -- Generate

  10. Edit Description: Delete "v." in front of call number. [Unfortunately this is a default that cannot be shut off.]

  11. Save and Edit:  To enter information under the Note tab, select Save and Edit

  12. Add Statistics Note 1: Under Notes tab copy one of the following into "Statistics note 1":

    WCFTR Film

    CW Film

    WHS Film

  13. Add Statistics Note 2: Copy one of the following into "Statistics note 2":




  14. Scan Barcode: Under General tab scan barcode. Unless there is an error, scanning barcode should save and close record

  15. Save

  16. Create multiple items for same holdings: Duplicate the first item. Action – Duplicate. This will automatically duplicate and open a new item record.

  17. Update Call #: Change the call # in Enumeration A and Description

  18. Verify other information: Verify Material type, Item policy, Statistics note 1, and Statistics note 2, are still appropriate; change as needed

  19. Scan Barcode: save and close record

  20. Repeat steps 16-19: as needed

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