(WHS Archives) EAD -- Appendix B. Entity Codes

HTML entity codes used by WHS for EAD finding aids

Appendix B. Entity Codes

The following have been used by WHS
& ampersand &
* asterisk *
: colon :
… ellipsis ...
“ left quote mark
” right quote mark
" straight quote marks " [no longer used by WHS] "
# number sign #
[ opening bracket [
] closing bracket ]
½ ½ [no longer using] ½
à a with a grave accent à
á a with an acute accent á
ç c with a cedilla ç
è e with a grave accent è
é e with an acute accent é
í i with an acute accent í
ó o with an acute accent ó
ñ n with a tilde ñ
ó o with an acute accent ó
ö o with diaresis ö
ß ett sett [small letter sharp s] ß
§ section sign §
For additional entity codes see:




  1. Most of the entity codes are under the "Latin-Extended A" section but a few may be found under "Latin-1 Supplement" and "Latin-Extended B" or further down the list in "General Punctuation".
  2. If the list indicates "control" do not use, keep looking.
  3. Click on link for entity; this will take you to a page with an image of the symbol and a list of encodings.
  4. The code you want is "HTML Entity (decimal)"; should start with an ampersand and number symbol [&#] and end with a semi colon [;].

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