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(WHS Archives) Audio -- User Copies – New Holdings, Items

Audio user copies for new holdings, and item records for WHS Archives.
  1. Search: Find bib record in ALMA “All title search” under Network Zone (NZ)

  2. Open Bib Record: Click Edit under selected title to open bib record in Metadata Editor.

  3. Add Holdings: To add holdings use template: Under Templates – MARC21 Holdings Shared find WHS Archives Audio User Copies
    Select template, choose “New” which will add new holdings to the Bib record that is open.

  4. 852: Add call number to 852
    852 81 $b WHSARCHIVE $c stk $h Audio [call number] User Copies

  5. Add UCD to holdings: Add an 866 for each set of User Copy Disks (UCD) [or User Cassettes (UC)]
    F8 will add a field

    866 _0 |8 1 |a UC 1030A/1-15 |z - UC Box 147
    866 _0 |8 2 |a UC 1030A/16-33 |z - UC Box 148
    866 _0 |8 3 |a UC 1030A/34-52 |z - UC Box 149
    866 _0 |8 4 |a UC 1030A/53-71 |z - UC Box 150
    866 _0 |8 5 |a UC 1030A/72-81 |z - UC Box 151
    866 _0 |8 6 |a UCD 1030A/23 |z - UCD Box 12
    866 _0 |8 7 |a UCD 1030A/29-30 |z - UCD Box 13
    866 _0 |8 8 |a UCD 1030A/32 |z - UCD Box 13
    866 _0 |8 9 |a UCD 1030A/34 |z - UCD Box 13
    866 _0 |8 10 |a UCD 1030A/48 |z - UCD Box 13
    866 _0 |8 11 |a UCD 1030A/62 |z - UCD Box 13

    Note: If notes or restrictions need to be added for a user copy, add an additional $z after the UCD Box number

  6. Add lines: To easily add duplicate 866 fields, while in field Ctrl + C; Add a new field F8; while in new field paste the copied field Ctrl + V. Edit as appropriate.

    Note: An empty field will appear below the field you added with just $$a. If multiple 866s need to be added just move down to this empty field and paste copied field. No need to delete this empty field before saving, because the field is empty Alma will automatically delete it.

  7. Add note to order user copies: If user copies are not made for all audio in collection add a 866(s) for skipped audio with the following note: User copy(s) need to be ordered; contact

    866 _0 |8 # |a UC 515A/68-73 |z - UC Box 38
    866 _0 |8 # |a UC 515A/74-75 |z User copy(s) need to be ordered; contact
    866 _0 |8 # |a UC 515A/76 |z - UC Box 38

  8. Save and release records: File – Save and Release Record (Ctrl + Alt + S) – Do this to both the holdings and bib records otherwise no one else will be able to edit these records

  9. Back to search results: Click on the Back button to return to results

  10. Open Holdings: Click Holdings under selected title

  11. Open Items: Identify holdings record to add items to Actions -- View items

  12. Add Item: Click “Add Item”

  13. Do not add barcode yet: Scanning the barcode will automatically exit and save the record.

  14. Material type: Audio recording

  15. Item Policy: Archives [User copies can transfer through the ARC system]

  16. Enumeration A: UCD [Original audio # of item]  -- [box number]

    Enumeration A UCD 1030A/34 -- UCD Box 13

  17. Public Display: Description – Generate

  18. Edit Description: Delete “v.” in front of UCD
    [Unfortunately this is a default that so far cannot be shut off]

  19. Scan Barcode: Entering barcode should save and close record – unless there is an error in the record.

  20. Re-open item: Actions – Edit

  21. Add Statistics note 1: Enter one of the following

    Local gov audio
    State gov audio
    WCFTR Audio
    WHS Audio

  22. Add Statistics note 2: Enter one of the following


  23. Save Record: Save and confirm (You may get a warning “The description may need to be updated as well (using the generate button)” This is usually fine.)

  24. Create multiple items for same holdings: Duplicate the first item. Actions – Duplicate. This will automatically duplicate and open a new item record.

  25. Update UCD audio number: Change the audio number in Enumeration A. Also update in the Description; you can do this by clicking on the Generate button or by editing in the field.

  26. Verify other information: Verify that the Material type, Item policy, and Statistics note 1 are still appropriate; change if needed (which will not be often, if ever, with Audio User Copies).

  27. Scan Barcode: save and close record

  28. Repeat steps 24-27: as needed

General and editing information on archives holdings records

General and editing information on archives item records

(20150820 aeb/dg-m; revised 20170524 aeb)

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