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Item Records for WHS Archival Materials

Add Item Records

Note: There are no templates for item records. However, an item record may be duplicated (see step 16)

For instructions on creating the first item record while in Holdings metadata editor see step 16 in Add Holdings Records.

1. Search: Find bib record in Alma under "All title search" in Institution Zone (IZ)

2. Open Holdings: Click Holdings under selected title

3. Open Items: Identify holdings record to add items to ... > View items

4. Add item: While in item list click "+ Add Item"

5. Do not add barcode yet: Scanning the barcode will automatically exit and save the record.

6. Material type: Select one of the following from the drop down menu. Use only the ones listed below (WHS has many Material types not covered, it was decided to be as general as possible; even when there is a more specific material type, do not use):

Mixed material - for paper records; or containers that are a mix of the below
Graphic - for all still images (photographs, transparencies, and negatives)
Audio recording - for all audio recordings
Videorecording - for all moving images on videotape
Video-DVD - for all moving images on DVD
Motion Picture - for moving images on film
Microform - for microfilm and microfiche
Computer Disk - for all computer disks; do not use for audio or video discs

7. Item policy: Select one of the following from the drop down menu:

Archives = Materials can transfer within ARC Network

Archives (does not Transfer outside WHS) = Materials cannot transfer within ARC Network, but circulate normally in the WHS Archives Reading Room (for example photographs, oversize items, etc.)

Archives Restricted = Materials have a restriction (506) which requires permission for access

Archives holdings at ARCs = Materials live at an ARC (circulation occurs through ARC item record)

8. Container information:
Enumeration A: Enter box, volume, reel, video, etc. plus number here

Volume 1

If more than one box or volume has the same number under the same call number/holdings, add a qualifier in parenthesis after number:

Box 1 (Declarations)


Chronology I: Enter place and year when volume numbers have not been assigned (for example tax rolls)

Town of Linden, 1960

9. Public Display: Description -- Generate

10. Edit Description: Delete "v." in front of box, volume, etc. in the Description field. [Default which cannot be shut off.]

11. Save and Edit:  To enter information under the Note tab, select Save and Edit

12. Add Statistics Note 1: Under Notes tab copy one of the following into "Statistics note 1"; note motion pictures and videos go under WCFTR Mss or WHS Mss:

Local gov
Local gov audio
Local gov photo
State gov
State gov audio
State gov photo
WHS Audio
WHS Photo

13. Add Statistics Note 2: Copy one of the following into "Statistics note 2":

AB half
microfilm (16mm)
microfilm (35mm)

RC half

14. Scan Barcode: Unless there is an error, scanning barcode should save and close record (*** For collections that live at an ARC: add a 'W' before scanning to "invalidate" the barcode)

15. Save

16. Create multiple items for same holdings: Duplicate the first item. Action – Duplicate. This will automatically duplicate and open a new item record.

17. Update Box or Year: Change the box/volume number in Enumeration A or change the information in Chronology I; as well as in the Description

18. Verify other information: Verify the Material type, Item policy, Statistics note 1, and Statistics note 2, are still appropriate; change if needed

19. Scan Barcode: save and close record *** (Add 'W' before scanning if collection lives at ARC)

20. Repeat steps 16-19: as needed

Edit Item Records

1. Search: Find bib record in Alma under "All title search" in Institution Zone (IZ)

2. Open Holdings: Click Holdings under selected title

3. Open Items: Identify holdings record for items to edit, ... > View Items
4. Edit item: ... > Edit or click on barcode

5. Make changes: Be sure to verify information under all tabs, especially the Stats note 1 & 2. Remember scanning barcode will automatically save and close record

6. Save

(created: AEB April 29, 2015; updated: AEB June 10, and November 11, 2015; December 1, 2016; January 5, 2017; February 20, 2017; January 2023)

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