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(WHS Archives) Cataloging -- Bibliographic Records -- Export to Alma

Export/replace records to Alma
  1. Open OCLC Connexion Client

  2. Search for record in OCLC Local Save File:
         a. Cataloging – Search – WorldCat (F3)
         b. Select Local File from drop down menu
                   - AUDIO records
                   - LOCAL records
                   - MSSrecords
                   - STATE records
                   - VisualMaterials
                   - WCFTR
         c. From printout search by Save File Number, OCLC number, Title, or Name

  3. Open record in OCLC:
         a. Record will open up or from list select appropriate record.
         b. If more than one save file record for collection, look at "Date/Time Added" and "My Status" columns.
         c. If one of them states "DONE" and is the older record, then open the newer record.
         d. If "DONE" record is newer record or neither marked as "DONE" then the two records need to be compared.
    Open one record
                   - Pin record (Shift + F4)
                   - Open second record
                   - Window > [Open list] > Close list
                   - Window > Tile Vertically
                   - Look for differences between records; look for fields which have been updated [triangle]
                   - Do the records have the same edits? > Use the newest record to replace and export
                   - Are the edits in one record represented in the other record? Use the record which has all of the edits
                   - Are edits different and not represented in the other record? Give to Alison to fix

  4. Review: Review common fields which should have been updated such as expanded abbreviations, links to finding aid, double check dates between fixed fields and 245, and items highlighted on paper. And double check grammar.

  5. Spell check record: F7

  6. Validate record: Shift + F5 Screen will blink when valid; otherwise, a new window will open with validation errors. Fix errors or save record to local save file if unsure of how to fix.

  7. Replace record: Action – Replace Record (Alt + F10)

  8. Open ALMA: Login to ALMA using UW Network ID

  9. Search ALMA:
         a. Copy OCLC number and search for record in Institution Zone (IZ).
         b. If one record is found and correct OCLC number is in the 035 skip step.
         c. If no results then search under title and author. Will need to add OCLC number to bib record in Alma.

  10. Add OCLC number to bib record: VERY IMPORTANT
         a. OCLC uses the number in the 035 to match the records.
         b. If record is missing 035 with the OCLC number than there will be duplicate records in ALMA.
         c. Report duplicate records to Alison to delete.
         d. Edit bibliographic record in MDE (Metadata Editor)

         e. Copy OCLC number

         f. Add 035: Edit > Add Field (F8)
         g. Paste the OCLC number after (OCoLC)

    035 __ $$a (OCoLC)[paste OCLC number]

         h. Delete old 035s that are not RLIN #s or old ArCat #s, so they will not match other Alma records.

    RLIN#s start with 035 __ $9 WIHV   KEEP
    ArCat #s look like  035 __ $a (Whi)#-arcatdb    KEEP

  11. Call numbers: Make any changes or additions to call numbers in 099 in Alma. Any call numbers found in 050, 090, 035, or 852 $j need to be changed to 099 $a
         a. Put cursor in 052 or 049 field
         b. Add new local field: Ctrl + L

    c. 099 in first column
         d. Leave indicators blank (columns 2 & 3)
         e. Enter call number
         f. Repeat for all call numbers; do not add accession numbers

  12. Review local fields (59X):
    a. 590: no longer in use; these had shelving locations which should be in holdings record
         b. 599: private staff notes.
    Common note: 599 __ This series is unprocessed.

  13. Save and release record in ALMA: File – Save and Release Record (Ctrl + Alt +R)

    IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you have opened a Bib record in the ALMA Metadata Editor, you must release it before you can export the matching record from OCLC Connexion and overlay it. If the record is not released in ALMA, it will still appear to have exported from OCLC but will not actually replace record in ALMA

  14. Export Record from OCLC to ALMA: [To set up exporting see (System) OCLC to ALMA NZ Export Profile]    
         a. In OCLC export record (F5).
         b. Message box will appear in OCLC displaying the ALMA NZ MMS ID when import is complete.

  15. Verify replace in ALMA:
         a. Compare MMS ID to record in ALMA/copy and past MMS ID and pasted into Alma.
                   - The MMS ID is in the 001 of the bib record
                   - All MMS IDs end in 2121 or 2122
         b. If no record appears under Institution (IZ) Tab, check Network (NZ) Tab.
         c. Check record to see if it was replaced.

  16. Set status in OCLC: Alt + Shift + S
    Keep initials already in box
    Add before initials "DONE" followed by date YYYYMM
         c. Add your initials at end after other initials
               DONE 202210 ark aeb

  17. Mark paper: Write initials, date, and "OCLC & Alma DONE"
  18. Is there EAD?
        - Yes > Is it up to date? > Yes > Mark paper with "EAD DONE"
                    > No > Mark paper "EAD updates needed" > put into EAD updates pile
        - No > Is there a new finding aid in ArchivesSpace? > Yes > Mark paper "ASpace" > put into ArchivesSpace pile

  19. Review holdings in Alma, as needed (See Holdings Records)

  20. Review items in Alma, as needed (See Item Records)

    (original created: AEB April 29, 2015; copied and edited AEB October 5, 2022)

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