1. Basic Approaches for Active Learning in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  2. UW-Madison G Suite - Google Groups Service Transition Information
  3. Zoom (Canvas Integration) - Overview
  4. Help Desk - Which video conferencing or webinar tool should I use? Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Google Hangouts Meet, Cisco Webex , Microsoft Teams, Zoom
  5. University Special Students and Guest Auditors: a comparison
  6. Canvas - Importing Content from another Canvas Course
  7. Online learning classes for cloud vendors
  8. Office 365 - Reduced access to services due to an affiliation change
  9. KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - KB Custom Class Names
  10. Faculty Center - Class Roster
  11. Class Attendance Policy for Students at UW-Madison
  12. Course Search & Enroll - Swapping a Class
  13. SIS/Faculty Center - Class Roster Field Descriptions
  14. Course Search & Enroll - Dropping a Class
  15. UW-Madison G Suite - Class Groups
  16. HR - Business Email Address
  17. UW-Madison G Suite - Correct Class Group Incorrect or Missing Information
  18. Class Roster - Submit Class Roster for Section Change
  19. L&S Course and Class Section Cancellation Policy
  20. Course Search & Enroll - "Deadline to drop class has passed" Error
  21. L&S (UW-Madison) Undergraduate Classification & Class Standing
  22. Faculty Center - Class Roster Classes or Term Not Listed
  23. Employee Class
  24. L&S Policy on Offering Undergraduate Class Sections with Online or Hybrid Modality
  25. Accommodations during covid-19 disruption (L&S): Supporting individual students who miss class due to illness, quarantine, or bereavement
  26. Course Search & Enroll - "Class is closed and wait list is full" Error
  27. Viewing Your Class Schedule
  28. Class Roster Information Service (CRIS) - Service Description
  29. Course Search & Enroll - "Related class number 1(5 digits) Invalid Value" Error
  30. Course Search & Enroll - "You are not able to drop your last class for the term" Error
  31. SIS - Class/Course Attributes
  32. OneNote Class Notebook [Glossary item]
  33. Automatic Class Schedule Sync
  34. BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra: How to Record your Class (For Instructors)
  35. L&S Policy Guidance: Course or Class Section Cancellation
  36. Course Search & Enroll - Class Not Appearing on Scheduler
  37. Send Secure BBCollaborate Invites for Class Sessions
  38. Published Class Section Mode: Implications during the pandemic (L&S)
  39. Common questions from Instructors and Department Staff about the course Wait List Process
  40. Course Search & Enroll - Add & Enroll in Classes
  41. Course Search & Enroll - Searching for Classes
  42. Instructor Provided Content (IPC)
  43. KB User's Guide - Advanced HTML - Decision Tree
  44. Course Search & Enroll - Course and Section Panels
  45. UW-Madison - IT - Data Classification Policy
  46. KB User's Guide - Documents tab - New Editor - WYSIWYG Editor Icons explained
  47. Small-Group Discussions
  48. KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Manually Enterable KB Custom classes
  49. Course Search & Enroll - My Courses Tab
  50. Creating a Classroom Backchannel for Student Questions Using Piazza
  51. CoE DIY Classroom Recording Instructions
  52. Creating a Classroom Backchannel for Student Questions Using Top Hat
  53. Bucky Backup - Policy Domains and Management Classes
  54. Pro and Con Grid
  55. Canvas - Pronoun Use in Canvas Overview
  56. Classroom Board Test
  57. UW-Madison Deadline for Adding Classes
  58. Course Search & Enroll - "Enrollment requisites not met" Error
  59. Engage - Courses Using Engage eTexts/publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs)
  60. Engage – Roles/Profiles in the Order Tool
  61. Using Top Hat Discussion Questions in Classrooms
  62. KB Author Training - Body Field - Classic Editor Options: Design (WYSIWYG) or HTML mode
  63. Sharing a Google Doc Template for Students in Classrooms
  64. IT Access - JEMS Classified
  65. Designs for Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  66. Dropping a Course at UW-Madison
  67. WiscIT - Looking up Subcategories and Default/Escalation Teams with Table Management
  68. Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Pro Subscriptions for Students FAQ
  69. Creating a Google Forms to Solicit Student Reflections in Classrooms
  70. Managing Student Questions with Piazza — Example Microbiology
  71. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Job Changes
  72. Information on Auditing Courses for L&S Undergraduate Students
  73. Fall 2019: Solutions to educational impacts of students using MFA-Duo in the classrooms
  74. KB Author Training - Body Field - Design (WYSIWYG) Editor Controls for the CLASSIC Editor
  75. Kaltura - Fluid Width Video (UW-Madison)
  76. Office 365 - What features are included in Office 365?
  77. College of Engineering Classroom Recording and Equipment Setup
  78. L&S Statement Regarding Online Lecture Notes Services and Authorized Presence in Classroom
  79. How Faculty Provide Student Access to Adobe Creative Cloud or Acrobat Pro [Campus login required]
  80. Using the Bietrun Wireless Headset Microphone (or alternative brand) with the ION Arena Portable Speaker
  81. Enrollment and course access instructions
  82. My UW-Madison - My Courses Map Portlet for Students and Classes I Teach Map Portlet for Instructors
  83. Office 365 - Access online training courses
  84. Zoom - Adding Zoom to Your Canvas Navigation Bar
  85. Engage - How to access Engage eTexts from previous courses
  86. Bucky Backup - How Tivoli Storage Manager Manages Backups
  87. Viewing textbook information
  88. Managing Student Questions with Piazza — Description
  89. Course Search & Enroll - Change Log
  90. Using the Giecy portable voice amplifier
  91. Student Center - Withdrawing from a Term
  92. Curricular Web Service Authorization Help - Requesting Data
  93. L&S Policies Related to Holding Classes Off-Campus
  94. Retaking a Course at UW-Madison
  95. How to Reference Content in MyUW
  96. Engage - Order Tool Overview
  97. Using Google Docs Chat Feature to Collaborate in Classrooms
  98. Faculty Center - Cannot View Classes / Sections of Another Instructor
  99. Kinesiology 125 - Adapted Fitness course
  100. KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Embedding user specific content in KB documents (HTML editor only)
  101. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Recording Storage Policy (New for Spring 2021)
  102. Self-provisioned accounts in GCP for Instructional use
  103. SIS - Curricular & Enrollment Inquiry
  104. AEFIS - Eval - Previewing a Survey Template or Instance (Admin)
  105. IRB Guidance: Research in K-12 Schools
  106. Science Research Internship for High School Students
  107. Office 365 - Backup OneDrive for Business data
  108. UW-Madison G Suite - Getting Started with Google Meet
  109. Curricular and Academic Web Service - Obtaining Authorization
  110. Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Pilot Guidance
  111. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Access via MyUW
  112. MyUW - Using the Courses App
  113. SIS - Building Your Schedule of Classes
  114. Student Center - Navigating in Student Center
  115. Canvas - Training Resources (UW-Madison)
  116. Course Search & Enroll - "(Integration Broker)" Error
  117. Free or Low Cost Learning in the Madison Area
  118. Office 365 - Your subscription has expired
  119. Office 365 - Technical Support for Office 365 Features and Applications
  120. Tips and Tricks to Avoiding Classroom / Remote Instruction Glitches
  121. Lecture Capture Service - Service Description
  122. My UW-Madison - My Courses Portlet
  123. Returning Adult and Nontraditional Student Scholarship Application Tips and Information
  124. Departments and Schools with Limited Access Courses for University Special and Guest Students
  125. Top Hat - Syncing Rosters and Grades with Canvas
  126. WiscIT - Modifying Fields (One-Step Configuration)
  127. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - What to expect with large attendance events (250+ participants)
  128. UW-Madison Zoom - Getting started
  129. SIS - Report: PDF Schedule of Classes
  130. SIS - Curricular Menu Paths
  131. L&S Job-related or Career-related Training/Course work
  132. UW-Madison G Suite - Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  133. Tuition and fees for Guest and Senior Guest auditors
  134. L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Initiatives
  135. SIS - Curricular Reports, List of All & How to Run
  136. SIS - Maintain Schedule of Classes Quick Guide
  137. UW-Madison G Suite - View Google Group members
  138. L&S Recruitment of Non-STS Academic Staff, University Staff and TE Appointments
  139. SIS - Opening Multiple Stand Alone SIS Sessions
  140. Canvas - Changing Your Displayed Name or Email Address (UW-Madison)
  141. Activate Your CAE Account
  142. SIS - Enrollment Menu Paths
  143. Office 365 - What should I expect when I am no longer a Faculty, Staff, or Student?
  144. Learn@UW - Preferred Name (UW-Madison)
  145. Course Search & Enroll - "Tag RELATE_CLASS_NBR" Error
  146. Curricular and Academic Web Services
  147. Office 365 - What version of Microsoft Office is affected by a license change?
  148. Office 365 - How will a license change impact the Office 365 license I purchased from the DoIT Tech Store?
  149. Office 365 - Getting Help with Microsoft Office Applications
  150. IRB Guidance: Video Recording in Classrooms
  151. How to Record Classes (For Instructors)
  152. University Staff Shared Governance Participation
  153. SIS - Managing Your Enrollment
  154. L&S Graduate-Level Courses for Undergraduate Degree Credit
  155. UGSR* [Glossary item]
  156. UNOS* [Glossary item]
  157. UGST* [Glossary item]
  158. Windows - Control Panel Icons Missing
  159. EPD - Engagement Strategies for Synchronous Web Conferences
  160. Blackboard Collaborate - How to get help
  161. Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing - Getting Started
  162. Change CIP Code*
  163. L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Agendas and Minutes
  164. FA, AS, LI, CP, CJ, CL, ET, SA, OT, $0 Jobs at the L&S Centralized Departments
  165. WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Sensitive, Restricted, and Internal Data Policy [Campus login required]
  166. KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - CSS for Full View
  167. SIS - Wait List Course Setup Expectations
  168. AEFIS - Eval Survey Instance - Why can't I assign courses to a survey? (Admin)
  169. Support Resources for Classroom Technology in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  170. L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Bylaws
  171. Software Installed on Classroom and Conference Room Computers at HSLC, CSC and WIMR
  172. Viewing Your Exam Schedule
  173. L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC)
  174. Data Elements Allowed in Public Cloud Platform
  175. LabArchives: Classroom Edition
  176. Mac OS X - How to Determine If an Application is Running in Classic or Native Mode
  177. iOS (iPod) - Troubleshooting problems with an iPod
  178. Classroom Media Support
  179. CHRIS - Getting Help
  180. ASA Document 531. Classified Staff Representation on Joint Governance Committees and Meaning of "In Conjunction"
  181. ASA Document 551. Classified Research Report
  182. MyUW - Learn more about the new MyUW
  183. UW-Madison Winterim Course Credit
  184. UW-Madison Mid-term Evening Exam Policy
  185. Research Activities Occurring in an Educational Setting
  186. Software Installed on Classroom and Conference Room Computers at HSLC, CSC, WIMR and MFCB
  187. University of Wisconsin System Classified Employees Work Rules
  188. UIUL* [Glossary item]
  189. UNCS* [Glossary item]
  190. UNIS* [Glossary item]
  191. UNES* [Glossary item]
  192. UNHS* [Glossary item]
  193. UNDS* [Glossary item]
  194. UIGL* [Glossary item]
  195. Request CAE Lab Reservation Not showing Up