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61 Learn@UW/D2L - Cannot Hide Individual Grade Items Used by Calculated Grade Items
6665Learn@UW Util2020-01-3017453
62 Learn@UW/D2L - Issue with Configuration Variable Controlling Gradebook Import
40630Learn@UW Util2020-01-304138
63 Learn@UW/D2L - Change File Dialog on Edit Artifact Page Requires First Pressing Remove Icon
12113Learn@UW Util2020-01-308262
64 Learn@UW/D2L - List of Students Who Did Not Submit Quiz May Include Users Not Enrolled in Course
3986Learn@UW Util2020-01-3021339
65 Learn@UW/D2L - In Survey Results, Selecting Choice from "Restrict to" Drop-Down Does Not Change Users Displayed
6366Learn@UW Util2020-01-3020269
66 Learn@UW/D2L - Calculated Grade Items Never Drop Lowest Grades in a Grade Category
4414Learn@UW Util2020-01-3018782
67 Learn@UW/D2L - Links are Seen Instead of Embedded .wmv Videos if Viewing with Chrome
35669Learn@UW Util2020-01-305629
68 Learn@UW/D2L - Issues with the Document Viewer
44127Learn@UW Util2020-01-304767
69 Learn@UW/D2L - Equation Created by Equation Editor Cannot Be Edited
40473Learn@UW Util2020-01-305077
70 Learn@UW/D2L - Possible Problem with Option to Automatically Keep Calculated Final Grades Updated
5050Learn@UW Util2020-01-3020114
71 Learn@UW/D2L - Issue When Answering Multiple-Choice, True-False, or Multi-Select Quiz Questions
6650Learn@UW Util2020-01-3019936
72 Learn@UW/D2L - Problems Playing Videos Referenced by Quicklinks when Using Internet Explorer
8750Learn@UW Util2020-01-3011145
73 Learn@UW/D2L - Problem Accessing Live Rooms in Online Rooms Using Safari
15040Learn@UW Util2020-01-304940
74 Learn@UW/D2L - Problems with User-Sharing Interface in ePortfolio
19262Learn@UW Util2020-01-305568
75 Learn@UW/D2L - Constants pi and e Must be in Lower Case in Formula Calculation Questions
6220Learn@UW Util2020-01-3017530
76 Learn@UW/D2L - Content Topics as HTML Documents Created from Word Should be UTF-8 Encoded
8982Learn@UW Util2020-01-3020746
77 Learn@UW/D2L - Total Attempts Counts Not Updated in Quiz List After Student Who Took Quiz is Unenrolled
8067Learn@UW Util2020-01-3016172
78 Learn@UW/D2L - Text of Replies to Discussion Post Does Not Display
16893Learn@UW Util2020-01-307269
79 Learn@UW/D2L - Type .avi Artifacts Embedded In-Place in e-Portfolio Presentations Don't Play Unless Using Internet Explorer
27377Learn@UW Util2020-01-305984
80 Learn@UW/D2L - Issue with Keyboard Arrows Answering Multiple-Choice or True-False Quiz Questions
28993Learn@UW Util2020-01-307706

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