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41 Learn@UW/D2L - In Grade Quiz, Selecting Choice from "Restrict to" Drop-Down Does Not Change Users Displayed
6367Learn@UW Util2020-01-3020381
42 Learn@UW/D2L - Specify Values for Minimum and Maximum Score along with Attempt Numbers in Quiz Submission Views
27123Learn@UW Util2020-01-306329
43 Learn@UW/D2L - Potential Problem Enrolling Users Who Can be Auto Enrolled in Groups or Sections
8114Learn@UW Util2020-01-3013566
44 Learn@UW/D2L - Unexpected Behavior with Embedded Players for .mp3 Files when viewed with Firefox
35670Learn@UW Util2020-01-304959
45 Learn@UW/D2L - Possible Problem Posting Discussion Messages Using Internet Explorer
9708Learn@UW Util2020-01-3014423
46 Learn@UW/D2L - Equations Created with Equation Editor Don't Display within HTML Editor
4446Learn@UW Util2020-01-3024530
47 Learn@UW/D2L - Navigation Bar Drop-Down Controls Do Not Work on Course Homepage
28361Learn@UW Util2020-01-305954
48 Learn@UW/D2L - Cannot Hide Individual Grade Items Used by Calculated Grade Items
6665Learn@UW Util2020-01-3017453
49 Learn@UW/D2L - Issue with Configuration Variable Controlling Gradebook Import
40630Learn@UW Util2020-01-304138
50 Learn@UW/D2L - Change File Dialog on Edit Artifact Page Requires First Pressing Remove Icon
12113Learn@UW Util2020-01-308262
51 Learn@UW/D2L - Issues with the Document Viewer
44127Learn@UW Util2020-01-304767
52 Learn@UW/D2L - Equation Created by Equation Editor Cannot Be Edited
40473Learn@UW Util2020-01-305077
53 Learn@UW/D2L - Students Do Not See Custom Widgets in Course
4466Learn@UW Util2020-01-3019441
54 Learn@UW/D2L - Known Issues With
4322Learn@UW Util2020-01-3026037
55 Learn@UW/D2L - Student Cannot See Response Level Feedback for Order Questions in Self Assessment
6362Learn@UW Util2020-01-3015195
56 Learn@UW/D2L - Potential Problems with Individual Survey Reports
5171Learn@UW Util2020-01-3018991
57 Learn@UW/D2L - When Viewing Quiz Results for One Group, "Export to CSV" Includes All Students in Course
8432Learn@UW Util2020-01-3013957
58 Learn@UW/D2L - In Survey Results, Selecting Choice from "Restrict to" Drop-Down Does Not Change Users Displayed
6366Learn@UW Util2020-01-3020269
59 Learn@UW/D2L - Use of Rubrics for Course Tools Requires Competencies Setup
20314Learn@UW Util2020-01-308365
60 Learn@UW/D2L - HTML Content Topics Display in Content Tool but Not in HTML Editor
6825Learn@UW Util2020-01-3018023

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