How to manage slower internet and low bandwidth

Productivity while working and learning remotely can be affected by your internet speed and competition for bandwidth. It's helpful to remember that not everyone has access to or can afford high-speed (broadband) internet. And, even if you normally have access to high-speed internet, your access may be interrupted or degraded during periods of heavy usage. This document includes helpful tips how to manage slower internet speed and low bandwidth.

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Symptoms of low internet bandwidth

While working or learning remotely, you may encounter challenges with participating in web conferences, accessing online tools, or even playing back recorded video content. They might look like:

What activities use the most bandwidth?

Figure 1: Diagram showing relative bandwidth usage of different types of online tools and activities.

Comparison chart of how different services use internet bandwidth. Details of chart appear in the figure description.

Figure 1: Description

What to do if there are bandwidth issues

Is it a technology equipment problem?

During live video or web conferences

Ideas for everyone

Ideas for instructors

Prepare ahead of time

Technical resources

DoIT Help Desk

General web conferencing